why am i never hungry

growing up in texas, i thought that the weightgain of people around me was just something that naturally happened. though, i didn’t realize how big us texanswere getting until i saw morgan spurlock’s “supersize me!” and he mentioned how 5of the fattest cities in america were in texas. this was surprising, but i was chubby wheni was younger and then in high school i exercised

why am i never hungry, and slimmed up. i thought what to do to lose weight was obvious,so i unfairly figured people in texas were just lazy. then in 2010 i went to japan, and when i cameback 3 years later i realized people were

significantly bigger compared to when i wasyoung - if there was an obesity epidemic then i was looking at it. at this point, i started to think it couldn’tbe just a matter of not trying hard enough. because that would suggest that we reallyhave an epidemic of is not caring. maybe what actually happened is that the advicewe’d been given for losing weight doesn’t work. this may be hard to believe considering 80%of the usda’s $140 billion budget goes to the food and nutrition service program, buthear me out. in my previous video, i talked about how weightregulation isn’t just calories in calories

out, which is justified mainly by bad physics. as dr. blake donaldson suggests in his 1962book “strong medicine,” : continuous success in any line of endeavor, including weightreduction, demands rigid adherence to biological laws.” it is biology, not physics that will helpus to understand the human body, and that when your body is properly fed, it will notchoose to store fat in excess nor make you hungry all the time. first off let’s say you wanted to make ananimal fat. what would you feed it?

if you want your cows produce steaks withmore fat on them, you feed them corn and grain instead of grass. to make foie gras, they force feed ducks primarilycorn. in this study, they found the best way tofatten up rats was to give them a diet with ample amounts of cookies, cereals, chips,crackers as well as some processed cheese and meats. of course, animals are not the same as humans,so let’s look at a population of humans that intentionally try to get fat. japanese sumo wrestlers pack on as many poundsas they can in order to be able to push their

opponent out of the ring. according to the sugahara institutes’ examinationof sumo wrestler’s diet and lifestyle while in training camp, the wrestlers, as expectedare eating massive amounts of food. some days they are hitting as much as 15,000calories. but what macronutrient do they rely on topack on the pounds? they’re getting more than twice as muchcarbohydrates as they are fat or protein. it may not be surprising that carbohydratesdrive fat accumulation, considering low-carb has been a pretty big thing since 2002, whenthe new york times magazine published a cover story entitled "what if fat doesn't make youfat?"

what may be surprising is that “low carb”is not new in the least. for almost 200 years, reducing carbohydratesfor weight loss was a common practice. in 1797 the scottish military surgeon johnrollo successfully treated a diabetes patient with a low carbohydrate diet. jean savarin published a book in 1825 called“the physiology of taste” in which he talks about his patients not being happy thatthey need to reduce tasty things like flour, sugar, bread, and potatoes and cookies inorder to lose weight. in 1844 jean dancel published a book called“obesity, or excessive corpulence: the various causes and rational means of a cure” thatrecommended to avoid carbohydrates and eat

meat in order to “cure” obesity. there are dozens more examples i could listgoing up to the late 1900’s, but let’s jump to 1971. this is when charlotte young released a studyshowing that “with fewer carbohydrates and more fat in the diet, greater weight lossand fat loss would be observed in subjects” so for a while obesity was relatively undercontrol, if people needed to lose weight they knew what to do. that was until around 1977, when somethinginteresting happens. any graph you pull up on the obesity trends,you can see a very noticeable change around

that year which shows a clear increase inweight gain which leads ultimately to our current obesity epidemic. 1977 is the year when the usda put out thenew dietary recommendations to cut fat and replace it with “heart healthy” starches,bread, pasta and other carbohydrates. i guess it’s not that big of a surprisethat when you bury a method that worked for 200 years for reversing obesity and controllingdiabetes, that you get an obesity and diabetes epidemic. the history paints a pretty good picture,but it’s important that we understand the biological mechanisms behind this.

to save you the suspense, it’s not totalcalories, but your hormones that cause weight gain. particularly one called insulin, which you’vesurely heard of. it’s known as the fat storage hormone. where there’s insulin, there’s fat. and when people have to routinely inject insulinin themselves, they experience something called lipohypertrophy - the site at which insulinis injected has a clear accumulation of fat. so how does insulin work in the body? as you know, your blood glucose or blood sugarrises when you eat carbohydrates, particularly

ones low in fiber. this then causes insulin to be released sothe insulin can carry the glucose into the cells that have an insulin receptor, whichthen allows the cells to break down the glucose and produce energy in the form of phosphates. so far so good. however this process can only happen at acertain rate, so glucose needs to be put somewhere else. in the form of glycogen, you can store about200 grams of glucose in the muscle and 70 grams in the liver.

when those are filled up, insulin receptorsdecrease on those cells so glucose can’t go in. but the glucose still needs to go somewherebecause if it sits in the blood stream it will bind to proteins in a damaging processcalled glycation. glycation is a process where sugar in thebloodstream mucks onto proteins, creating something called advanced glycation end productsor age’s for short. it’s the cellular equivalent of pouringmaple syrup on your keyboard. one example is a banana. as it gets more ripe, you see some brown spotson the peel and if you peel the banana you

can see some dark spots which are particularlysweet. the same thing happens to your skin over time:proteins in your bloodstream get sugar stuck on them and the resulting age’s damage yourskin internally, creating age spots. you also see these spots from external damagefrom the sun. where these things become a real problem isin diabetics who have trouble controlling their blood sugar, and end up with a largeamount of age’s. this is why diabetics can lose sight in theireyes and may even end up having to amputate their toes because these are the places withvery small capillaries where it’s easy for these age’s to get stuck and cause seriousdamage.

so back to the glucose processing: your musclesand liver have stored as much glucose as they can, and your body really does not want glucoseoverloading the cells, so it decreases the insulin receptors on most cells preventingthe glucose from getting in. then, glucose is broken down and stored astriglycerides in the only place where insulin receptors are actually increasing- your bodyfat. so this is how carbohydrates and the insulinresponse cause you to get fat. a couple years back before i learned aboutintermittent fasting and this low carb business, there was an all you can eat yakiniku- japanesebarbecue place that i’d sometimes go to. it’s common to always have a bowl of riceto accompany the meat when you’re eating,

but one day i decided to skip the rice andjust focus on the meat. the next day i noticed something new: i feltstuffed the entire day and i didn’t want to eat until dinner. whereas when i usually had the rice with mymeat, i was already starving for breakfast by morning. now, i finally understand what was going on. to use the energy within our fat tissues,fatty acids are taken out of the tissue to be broken down for energy. which obviously would make you shed fat.

but when you have a high serum insulin levelfrom eating too much carbohydrate, you cannot break down your fat tissue because the enzymethat allows that - hormone sensitive lipase, is sensitive to insulin, which will not allowthe fat to be broken down. so you then have this situation where insulinwon’t let you use your fat for energy, so when you’re low on energy, you’re goingto feel very lethargic and hungry until you get new glucose. this is how high blood sugar and insulin keepsyou fat and keeps you hungry. people don’t get fat because they want toeat all the time, they want to eat all the time because they’re getting fat.

so then, are people staying fat because theydon’t exercise, or do they not exercise because they don’t have any energy availableto do so? i would argue the latter. so the diet and exercise recommendations we’vebeen getting the past several decades ignore basic endocrinology and something naturalto all animals: the desire to keep their biological processes balanced and remain in homeostasis. for example: your body always wants to stayat a constant temperature, so when it’s too hot, your metabolism slows down so youdon’t overheat from the inside. when it’s cold, you start to shiver so theglycogen stored in your muscles breaks down

and produces heat to maintain your body temperature. your body will also auto regulate your bloodpressure, as well as your sodium and other mineral levels. physiologist edward f adolph back in the 1940'sfound that however he tried to trick his lab rats, he couldn’t get them to take in morenutrients than usual. he would dilute their food with water andthey just drank more of it until they got the same amount of nutrients, and he wouldeven pump food into their stomachs and they would then just eat less. so why would we humans, the smartest and mostevolutionarily successful creatures on the

planet, have to expend willpower and consciouslyregulate how much we eat? the simple answer is that if you feed yourbody properly, it will regulate consumption for you. in the 1960’s ethan sims conducted experimentswhere he took prisoners from the vermont state prison and tried to overfeed them with eithercarbs or fat on top of their normal diet. he could get them to eat an excess of 7000calories in carbs per day, yet getting them to eat 800 calories of fat, about 1 stickof butter, took a heroic amount of effort. it takes willpower to overeat if you are onthe right diet, but it takes even more willpower to not overeat if you are on the wrong diet

this is the issue. humans have not had time to adapt to the massiveamount of low fiber carbohydrates recently introduced to our diet. the low fiber aspect is important becausefiber reduces the rate of intestinal carbohydrate absorption, reducing the insulin response,and essentially preventing all these problems i just talked about. way back when we were hunting and gatheringand before the cultivation of sweeter and juicier fruit, we were getting about 100 to300 grams of fiber a day, whereas today the average is more like 15 grams.

so no, the people of texas and others strugglingwith their weight are not just lazy, we’ve just had the wrong food and the wrong advicepushed on us the past 40 years. by the way, remember how i said i slimmedup by exercising when i was young? that wasn’t really me, it was my hormones. i went through a massive hormonal change called..puberty, which slimmed me up and gave me the energy to exercise- not the other way around. if you liked this video, make sure to subscribeand if you’d like to help the channel please check me out on patreon. if you still have some questions about thesignificance of calories, or the potential

harm from fats, take a look at these othertwo videos of mine.

why am i never hungry

credit for some of the information in heregoes to albert lehninger’s principles of biochemistry textbook, gary taubes’ book“good calories bad calories,” his other book “why we get fat”, robert lustig’sbook “fat chance” and johnathon bailor’s book “the calorie myth”


a big improvement.and away with it. i had no urge to do anything. hi, i'm bastiaan.-and i'm rens. welcome in our drugslab. in this lab we try different drugsto see what they do to our body.

temazepam, if you're curious about a drug,let us know in the comments. and manuela, jet and...-jeffrey... very good.they were all curious about modafinil. this is modafinil.it's an oblong, white pill.

and it smells... neutral. modafinil gets prescribedfor narcolepsy... a sleeping disorder involvingfrequent bouts of deep sleep. this counteracts that.it makes you alert and gives you energy. so it resembles amphetamines,but it doesn't make you euphoric. i did some research,and i find it pretty bizarre. everywhere you read that everyonereally likes to take it in order to study. it lasts a long time,so you have to take it in the morning...

and not after 2 pm,because then you can't sleep. that's weird too.2 pm is the early afternoon. so if you take it then and go to bedat 1 am, you won't fall asleep. i didn't sleep well,so i'm not very focused. that's why i'd like to do it,to see if this makes me more focused. you can do it.-yes? great. the base values.temperature 36.2. my heart rate is 83. since modafinil affects your cognitiveskills, we're going to do two tests.

first a baseline measurement,before you take it. and once the drug starts working,we'll do them again... to see if you do better.-yes. here you'll see a number of balls,and you have to type how many you see. three, two, one. no. six. five. eight. oh, seven.

four. eight. nine. it's going just fine. or not. 70% correct.-well... with an average time of 987milliseconds per keystroke. now the second test, the typing test.you'll see a word... and you have to type it in.-as fast as possible? okay.

wow.-i typed 460 signs correctly. and 97.15% of everything i typedwas correct. a normal dosage for narcoleptic patientsis 200 milligrams. we have pills of 100 milligrams,so i'll take two. but not at once. first i'll take one,and after two hours i'll take the other. well, cheers. that's one.-in two hours you'll take the other one. yes, perfect. i don't notice much yet.i still feel pretty sluggish.

so maybe...-this one will change that. modafinil decreases the amountof gamma hydroxybutyrate... a neurotransmitter that causes numbing... so you should soon be able to concentratebetter, have more energy and less sleep. rens, are you feeling anything yet?-i don't feel very much. i don't think you will if you just sit down.i think you'll notice it if you do something. let's start with the balls test.-great. focus, and then you can start. eight. oh.

three. seven. oh. 73% correct.and an average of 764. that's a little better.and especially in terms of speed. well done.-i did improve. though the difference isn't huge.-but you do see it. i was really focused now.and i actually quite enjoyed it this time. your temperature has gone up a lot.-yes. and my heart rate as well.

i do have a bit of a headache.that's a known side effect of modafinil. you don't take any other medicines?-no. never combine it with other medicines suchas the pill, antidepressants, blood thinners... nor with alcohol or drugs. i believe i'm a bit less cheerfulthan at the beginning. i'm not sure, but at the beginningi was pretty sociable... and i have the feeling that's a bit less. can you compare itwith coke, speed or caffeine? most with caffeine.yes, because i'm very awake...

but not euphoric at all.and also a bit restless. yes, if you take too much of this drug youcan get restless, overexcited, disoriented... confused, high heart rate, high bloodpressure, diarrhoea, sleeplessness. a lot of things. so watch out. let's go on to the next test.-the typing test. yes.-okay, here we go. 98.5% of everything i typed,was correct. and i even hesitated for a moment.so this is a real improvement. i was watching, and you werereally fast. i couldn't keep up.

i realised i was going very fast. i almostwant to do it again and even better. do you think this drug is addictive?-i can imagine... that it may be useful for exams,because you're able to concentrate better. but it may be that if with the next examyou don't take it, you'll get a cold shower... and think you can't perform anymorewithout it. yes, so that's what's dangerous about it. we just tested your speed.we'll now test your intelligence and focus. so i have a fun puzzle here.-well, fun... a sudoku. i hope you know how to do it.-i don't like these at all.

this is going to take so long.-just do it. just concentrate. if you start here, you can't know yet,because i've checked every number... you're getting angry, aren't you?-i'm not getting angry, i just don't like it. it takes too long, i don't enjoy it. maybe if you do something you likeyou can really focus. but i don't like this.i find it really boring. i'm not good at it, but i don't care.-it really is very boring. shall we just go to the pub?-yes, away with it. there. i can tell from your face. you look angry.and you were going like this.

this isn't angry, is it?-no, but i can just tell. normally you're cheerfuland in for everything. i also notice that i'm not as cheerfulas i was before taking it. so you'd never take it to go to a party.-no, absolutely not. maybe if i have to spend the whole dayon something i really have to focus on. but why would you ever take thisbefore going to a party? i can also tell from the way you look.to a party? 'oh no, no.' you just look angry. yes.-no. yes.-i'm not angry.

you didn't want to do the sudoku.but those balls and the typing test... you really concentrated on.-because i enjoyed those. yes, and there are pilots, marines,soldiers who take this drug... to focus on their work.-and to stay awake. there even was an experimentin which pilots and military personnel... stayed awake for three days in a row. talking about staying awake,this drug lasts 8 to 10 hours. i wonder if you'll be able to sleepand how you'll feel tomorrow. i just came home. i hung outwith bastiaan after the taping...

as i didn't know how to fill my time.i was really not inclined to do anything. fortunately i'm starting to get tired now,so i think it's stopped working.


i'm just going to hit the sackand i wonder if i'll be able to sleep well. fortunately i slept well.nothing's bothering me now. maybe it helps if you have to concentratefor a long time on an exam... but i didn't really enjoy it much.see you next week.

swollen labia

the vulva and vagina are incredibly importantparts of our body. and if you thought we knew little about them normally, we know even lessduring pregnancy. i'm dr. logan levkoff, and here is what's going on with your vulva andvagina during pregnancy. if you didn't know the difference, all of the parts that yousee between your legs, the labia, clitoris, mons pubis, and urethral opening are all partof the vulva. the vagina is inside of your

swollen labia, body, and let me just say, it is not calleda vagigi. ugh, i hate that word. but regardless of the term you use, women do get vasocongestionduring pregnancy. we get it when we're aroused, too. that means there's greater blood flowpulling in your genitals. it can make you supersensitive and more aroused than before.add to that, the extra vaginal lubrication

you're producing due to more estrogen, andyou can be highly aroused, or not. you never

swollen labia

really know. but the vagina is an amazingplace. it can stretch. it can carry out a baby. it can bounce back for sex again andyou can exercise it just by doing some kegel's. so you better take good care of it. and dome a favor, please start calling the vulva and vagina by their right name. we reallydo owe it to them.

sun rash

[music]hello, i’m dr. neal schultz [pause] and welcome to dermtv. if i told you that i’m going to help youunderstand and treat your keratosis pilaris, you’d say, “what’she talking about?” but if i told you

sun rash, that’s a fancy medical term for chickenskin, which is that rough, itchy skin that occurs on the top and outer partsof some people’s arms and also on the front of their thighs, then it mightring a bell. it’s particularly common in teenagers and young adults, andit itches but, more importantly,

it looks really funny, because you have allthese little white studded bumps on your skin with pink skin in between.it’s not dangerous but it certainly looks funny and doesn’t feel good.this is another situation where exfoliants to the rescue, because thesehard little bumps represent overgrowths of dead cells on the top of thehair follicle. all you have to do is literally dissolve them away with achemical exfoliant, whichever one you use for your face, you can use on yourarms wherever you have your

sun rash

chicken skin, and use it twice a day, andit will result over a period of three or four weeks of a thinning and flatteningof those bumps. the

redness will go away, and you will be freeof the itching and impact of your chicken skin.

sharp pain in lower abdomen

>>> dr. kenneth falchuk: abdominal pain isa broad subject, but if someone is concerned about a specific disease such as diverticulitis,the pain usually is acute. more often than not it is a pain centered to the lower abdomen,more commonly or not, the left side of the abdomen. we call it the left lower abdominalquadrant. that is an area where most of diverticula usually occur.

sharp pain in lower abdomen, it is an area where the bowel is somewhatnarrow and a little curved and when diverticulitis occurs, develops, that means inflammationwithin the diverticula, and the pain will be or can be quite severe and can also bemild. patients may develop a change in the bowel pattern, they may become constipated,and they cannot eliminate the stools as well

they may even feel bloated. sometimes thepain is quite intense when the patient is doubled over. sometimes the patient can have a fever withchills, a sign of an infection. what diverticulitis really is, the definition, is perforationthat means a little hole that could be small, does not have to be large, in one of the diverticulaor in several diverticula. so in the space, the area of the colon where these are located,things become narrow, swollen, we call it edema. pus can collect and that is calledabscess and therefore patients can be quite ill, they need to be seen promptly. many cases of diverticulitis tend to be mild,mild in the sense that patient can be seen

by a physician as an outpatient, evaluated,diagnosis established and be treated with antibiotics. the specific way to make thediagnosis is not only the clinical presentation. the clinical finding is the need to do anx-ray, a ct scan with contrast of the abdomen focussing in the area where the pain is present. now that does not mean that you cannot havediverticulitis in other segments of the colon. it could be at the right side, it could beat the mid-portion of the transverse colon. as i said previously, the left side of thecolon, the sigmoid colon, is the predominant site where diverticulitis develops. abdominalpain is a broad symptom. it is caused by many conditions so it is important for the physicianto know how to proceed and differentiate,

sharp pain in lower abdomen

what we call established differential diagnosisor in another conditions, it could be a catastrophe of something is leaking into the abdomen.there could be another abscess. there could be a perforated appendix and so and so, thatis why prompt evaluation, proper x-ray studies and laboratory studies as well and then proceedwith a treatment and followup.


you can not believe, but this placein your belly button will heal your flu, and cough menstrual cramps many may say that is a lie, nonsenseand who do not believe it, but the truth it is that those who believed did verygood! nowadays people are so farnatural remedies that doubt receitinhas

ponstan, simple used in the times of our grandparents. and lamentavelvemente, many of these recipesthe grannies were forgotten. but one of the tasks for nature cureit is to rescue these recipes for the new generations their knowledge and benefit them.

we did it to "resurrect" a methodmuch used by grandmas in the past. it is super easy and requires nospecial effort. it is a completely harmless treatment. and in the past, it was often used to fight flu, cough, muscle pain and menstrual cramps. you will only need cotton and alcohol. nothing more than that. and all you have to do is wetthis piece of cotton with alcohol and put on your navel. then secure it with a bandage or cover it with a cloth. it is only important that swabalcohol is firm on her navel by

time required you feelrelief of symptoms. in the case of menstruation pain, goodlie down for a few minutes while leaving action. and if your problem is bellyache (whichis not a symptom of any serious illness, as appendicitis), this method can also be useful. but in this case there must be a smallchange in revenue: you have to put


a little salt in cotton, which must bewet with alcohol. it's really very simple, is not it? and as i said, without the risk of causing effectsunpleasant, as some medications

we consume without prescription,like many influenza.


we'll be going to the petting zoo later today. sooner you get ready the soo-. no prob-llama! alpaca my bags for the trip. sans!

petting, i'll help us find some sheep rent. we may run into some baaaad traffic. bah! c'mon wool you throw me a bone?

ow. ewe seem mad, bro.


oh bloody hell! that's it. i've changed my mind sans. i'm going alone!


i’m the one they call doctor feelgood. i’mgonna make you feel alright. by teaching you how to swallow pills. if you’re anything like my lovely and beautifuland talented wife, you probably have a very hard time putting medication into your bodybecause it’s borderline physically unbearable for you to swallow pills. it’s seriouslya 5 minute journey of frustration and sadness

panadol, even when my wife is ingesting something astiny as a tylenol. and she’s not alone. studies suggest 1 in 3 people experience difficultywhen tasked with swallowing oral medications in pill and capsule form, which ultimatelyleads to many people skipping out on vital doses of prescription medication because theysimply don’t want to expose themselves to

the literal pain of popping pills. that’snot good and that’s why researchers from the university of heidelberg, in germany,rounded up 143 patients and subjected them to some pill swallowing tests. they had themgulping down all sorts of shapes and sizes and they did so to try and identify the bestmethods for getting the good stuff down the gullet. and they found that there is a bestway to swallow capsules and a different best way to swallow tablets. and each method directlycorrelates with the density of the pills compared to water. so, let’s say you’re rockingsome pretty gnarly allergies and you need to down an anti-histamine capsule. with capsules,the research team discovered that the “lean-forward” technique is the most efficient and is 88%more effective than old-school methods. allow

me to demonstrate. you’ll need your drugs,i’m using a tic tac, and 20ml of water, which is somewheres around a tablespoon. yousimply place the capsule on your tongue, take a sip of water, don’t swallow yet, first,you lean forward by tilting your chin toward your chest, and then swallow. (do it) yum.because the density of a capsule tends to be lower than water, your head position keepsthe little bugger from swimming around in your mouth before it’s journey down to tumtum town. tablets tend to be more dense than water so a different technique is requiredto basically help shoot the dang things down your throat. it’s called the pop-bottlemethod. so lets say you get your daily vitamins like the rest of us and you’re tasked withswallowing a horse pill every single day.

you simply find a flexible pop-bottle likecontainer, fill it with water, pop the horse pill into your mouth, and then tightly wrapyour lips around the opening of your bottle like you’re giving it the good loving, andthen without letting air seep into the bottle, maintain firm lip-to-bottle contact and usea sucking motion to flush the tablet into your body. (do it) if you’re doing it right,you should feel the bottle slightly collapse into itself. now, both these methods weretested against simply taking a sip of water and swallowing, something that most peopledo i assume, and the patients pill-swallow rate greatly increased when utilizing thepop-bottle and lean forward techniques. so, if you’re one of the 1 in 3 plagued withan inability to swallow pills, give these


methods a shot. they just might cure whatails you. i’m dr. joe bereta and i just insulted all the doctors of the world by callingmyself a doctor. i’m sorry. hey, do you guys have any techniques that work for you,let us know in the comments down below and be sure to subscribe for more dnews.

pain after sex

i need your advice regarding spotting afterintercourse while pregnant. for many women, the spotting a few days afteryou had sex is a sign you were pregnant. we’re well past that point. they call the second trimester the goldentrimester because you aren’t as tired or nauseous of the first trimester and the thirdtrimester hasn’t come with its exhaustion

pain after sex, and indigestion. i don’t see how that’s related to thechaos that you have at the first trimester. in the second trimester, the hormones thatboost blood flow to various tissues make you have more sexual desire -

and pregnancy rhinitis. and then after you have sex, you risk somespotting. i thought spotting was bad, like a sign ofa miscarriage. now if you have spotting and period type cramps,yes, you’re potentially at risk of a miscarriage and want to get medical attention. can they do anything about it? yes, if it is early on, and they can giveyou shots or put you on bed rest to stop the labor. if there is red bleeding, though, somethingis wrong.

blood of any sort is a red alert. if you have slight spotting after sex viathe back or going to the bathroom, it is possible you have hemorrhoids. we’re doing it the old fashioned way, andi’ve had enough fiber that i haven’t had hemorrhoids. when you’re pregnant, it can depress yourimmune system. that’s why pregnant women are more proneto catching a cold, though ironically they can’t take most of the cold medicines, either. if you’ve had a social disease, you’remore likely to have the lesions come back

and then have some bleeding from there. i have heard the joke that life is a sexuallytransmitted disease, but despite being pregnant, that’s the only variation i’m dealingwith. then we’re down to just normal wear andtear of tissues that are swollen because you are pregnant, and all the hormones boostingblood flow and increasing fluid flows is causing the bleeding. i’ve had more vaginal discharge. more white or creamy discharge is normal. can sex while pregnant trigger labor, causingbleeding?

yes having sex can trigger minor muscle contractionsin that area, especially if you really enjoyed it. however, it isn’t going to put you in labor. i’m sure my partner will appreciate knowingthat. rougher or more irritation as you try to goat different angles around that baby bump can irritate things. we’re not doing anything exotic, and therecertainly isn’t a need to use a condom that can dry out and irritate tissues enough tocause some bleeding. so now you’re down to all the extra fluidssloshing around causing the bleeding, though

adding lubricant can reduce the odds of that. is there ever a time i need to be worriedabout the discharge? you’ve had sex and still feel tension, pressureand pain in the pelvic area.

pain after sex

that can be a sign of early labor. pelvic pressure is a sign of early labor,as are muscle pains in the back and stomach. as is vaginal bleeding. that’s why i was asking in the first place.

numb fingertips

hi my name is bruce wile and we heard aboutdr. polzin on tv one day, i've been having a lot of trouble with my feet; they've beenreal numb, my fingertips are numb and my balance is just horrible. so we happened to see dr.polzin on the tv one day and said 'jeeze, you know, that just sounds like somethingthat i really should be doing' because it's just been getting worse and worse over theyears. we called him up and made an appointment

numb fingertips, and started coming and this is my twenty fifthsession now and i can absolutely feel a difference from when we started. my balance is just onehundred percent better. we noticed an improvement at about the tenth visit, we noticed an improvementin your balance by quite a bit. i just have more energy now, you know, i used to haveto struggle to do things before but since

i've been coming here it's just been one hundredpercent difference. i can't express how good it's been. and you're sleeping better at night,he couldn't sleep at night, he was in so much pain with his legs and taking pain pills andhe isn't doing that anymore. it's just been great. is there anything that's changed asfar as activities or hobbies or anythings already? well just that we can do more things,i don't get tired like i used to and i don't

numb fingertips

know, we haven't done anything since we startedcoming, but we'll go south in october and i'll really notice a difference then wheni play volleyball in the water. that's what i'm looking forward to. excellent. but, yeah,it's been a tremendous difference, i just can't say that enough.


my name is allyssa, i'm 19, and i use the pill the thing i like most about the pill is that um with seasonique i only have my period once every three months so i only have it four times a year which is amazing since i'm always active and on the go and you know whenever i'm on my period and i just feel lazy and you know with the side effects and it just kind of hard to you know keep going with your life you know

microgynon, with school and sports and so when i only have it once every three months it's just so much easier and you know it doesn't effect as big a part of my life the first reason when i was you know 16 and um i wasn't sexually active yet but i wanted to get on it just to get it regulated and it was so it was all over the place

and i had it for one month and then i wouldn't have it for two months then i'd have it twice within you know a short amount of time so it was really nice to you know with planning and scheduling ok you know if there's something i need to do and you know i'm gonna feel kinda crappy on this day because this is the week that i'm on my period so it's really nice just to have that you know in that mind set it doesn't just surprise you one day well i remember when i first was worried about getting on it that i was going to gain weight that was the other thing about am i going to have side effects am i gonna gain weight so i was really happy that with seasonique i didn't gain anything

didn't have way more of an appetite so i was definitely surprised in a good way that it didn't effect that aspect i was pretty worried when i first got on the pill that oh this is a bad idea because i'm not gonna remember and then it's not gonna be effective you know if i don't take it but i just set a time every night that i know that i set ten o'clock at night nine or ten o'clock at night so by that time you know i'm gonna be home but i'm probably not gonna be in bed yet so i wanted to set it at a time that you know was pretty convenient and you know i wasn't going


to be out and about in the middle of the day so i've actually found it really easy once i you know just took it at that time every night that this kind of mental trigger goes off and so that was the one the biggest thing i was worried about that wasn't ever really a problem


pearly penile papules natural treatment what is pearly penile papules pearly penile papules were bumps onpenis or minor skin colored bumps which form on your penis, frequently in rowssurrounding the corona or sulcus these bumps to nazi poor pop

lymphocele, also they don't cause physicallimitation although most men stated that they experience a somewhat unpleasantsensation this condition is harmless and cannotspread by sexual contact bumps develop most commonly in managingtwenty up to 30 and disappear introduced

a number is managed women will be alarmed to have sexualintercourse with their partners who have bumps on penis some of them think that it is one of thesymptoms of words or sexually transmitted diseases and there will be atendency of avoiding to have a sexual contact with the infected partner this case may result in depressionmentally in sexual life will be compromised this is the very reason why you must getrid of pearly penile papules as soon as

possible and brings back the originallook of your penis although pearly penile papules willvanish by themselves in the long run it will take for a couple of years and most during those times the most importantpart of the young age of the individual will be gone therefore instead of waiting longer youmust look for a proper cure as much as possible to remove the bumps on penis natural remedy for pearly penile papules nowadays natural remedy for pearlypenile papules is also accepted because

of the following advantages has the ability to remove the bumps onpenis completely it offers the permanent cure it should be 100% safe without sideeffects the treatment must be painless be cost effective the process of treatment can be done bythe affected person alone at the comfort of his home in is easy to follow the period of recovery should be minimumwith the fast result

castor oil castor oil is one of the naturaltreatments for bumps on penis the procedure is very easy as you simplyneed to apply in the oil on the affected area using cotton balls poor slobs thismust be done for at least four times a day until the pearly penile papulesdisappear your penis must be left naked while theoil of cancer seeps into your penis skin in order to maximize the best results most number of men who are sufferingthis illness actually go for this removal method tea tree oil

utilizing tea tree oil to remove pearlypenile papules is also a natural yet effective method but usually it takes acouple of weeks to attain the best result the same with castor oil the process ofapplication is also easier and must be done at least three times a day using apiece of talking to spread the oil on the affected area tea tree oil doesn't produce side effectin accordance to those who already used it ag or alpha hydroxy acid

pearly penile papules can be treated byusing alpha hydroxy acid this is available over the counter andusually comes in the form of cream and it has a lower level of h aconcentration the alpha hydroxy acid can be applied atleast twice a day and continue that application until the bumps on head peeloff you have to avoid hand-picking toprevent infection allow their rumps to phone down by itself alpha hydroxy acid is recognized as onereliable natural treatment for pearly penile papules because it has no anyside effects and can applied

conveniently and cost-effective triple antibiotic ointment this is proven to be an effective way onpearly penile papules removal the triple antibiotic ointment isapplied over the area where above appears twice a day the application time must have a gap of12 hours continue the application until the bumpson penis completely removed the result can be seen on the secondweek of application onwards for instance the bumps comeback repeatthe treatment

this treatment is safe cheap ensuringcomprehensive cure and can be done by patient alone in the comfort of theirown place all these natural ingredients listed forthe treatment of pearly penile papules are discovered to be extremely effectiveyet cost less they don't cause any side effects orpain although the result takes a couple ofweeks before the complete removal of bumps on penis the affected personshould practice perseverance and patience in pursuing the treatment untilthen obtain the best result however you have the option to choosethe best and appropriate home remedies

and give you best results in just aperiod of time all you have to do is to identify thesupreme suitable we have natural remedy keep an eye on the treatment accuratelyand completely get rid of the bumps on penis forever and be free from mentalagony everybody knows that pearly penilepapules is harmless to your sexual health but do you think it is enough you should strive to come out from yoursuffering and be free from your embarrassments


for this reason you must identify thegreatest natural remedy and follow the process get rid of unpleasant bumps on penis andbring back the original form and be ready for a more electrifying sexuallife

lower abdominal pain female

in this video, i will talk about abdominalpain or stomach pain if you have any pain or vague discomfort inthe abdomen, this could mean an abdominal problem. it is not that easy to find the cause of thepain, but i will give you a guide. first we have to check on the history:where is the pain located? when did the pain start?

lower abdominal pain female, what kind of pain are you feeling? is it a squeezing pain?is it on and off like a spasm? or is it a continuous pain?do you diarrhea or any past operations in the abdomen?all these questions will help the doctor find

the cause. in this table, i will give you some clueson the possible causes: if the pain is on and off, then it could bea benign colic. if there is diarrhea, then it could be acutegastroenteritis if the pain is in the center and you feelit's acidic and frequently missed your meals. consider gastritis or an ulcer.if the pain is on the right upper side, and if it occurs after eating fatty or oily foods,then consider a gallbladder inflammation or gallbladder stones. overweight people in theirforties are more prone to develop gallbladder stones. if the pain is in the right lower side, then

consider appendicitis, which is a medicalemergency. for ladies with pain in the lower abdomen,you should see an ob-gynecologist for various

lower abdominal pain female

possibilities. as always, it's still best to see your doctor,a gastroenterologist or a surgeon. especially if the pain is severe.i hope my tips have given you some guide. take care.

long foreskin

- i've never talked abouta dick in my life, o.k? - penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! - buzzfeed presents:women talk about penises how much do you know about the penis? - nothing. i didn't payattention in fifth grade.

long foreskin, - i think i know a lot. - i know a little, but i'm confident thatit's intuitive enough to like, really figure it out.

- sometimes pee comes out of it. - you think that you'rean expert on everything. - i am, especially the penis. - circumcision: the processof cutting off the foreskin. it is done for religiousor medical reasons. whether or not it isnecessary for health reasons continues to be up for debate. - i'm jewish, so, thisis my bread-and-butter. - you cut something off the dick.

- it's for hygiene purposes as well as to form a covenant with god. - i just know that theforeskin is snipped, - but i wouldn't- yeah. feel confident ever, um -- - this guy's circumcised, right? - performing that. well -- - cause, right?

- i'm not seeing a, a hood. - there's no hood. - but people are against it now, because they think that ittakes away the sensitivity. - that's bull (beeping). - wait, how do they do itwithout cutting the penis? - sperm & semen: sperm is a cell that is producedby the male sexual organ and that combines with thefemale's egg in reproduction.

semen is the sticky,whitish liquid containing the sperm cells as wellas other components. - [women in teal] i didn'tknow there was a difference. - spermies are the littleguys floating around in semen, which is the fluid that they live in. - sperm is what impregnates a woman. it's what goes into the egg. - the sperm is the tadpoles, and the semen is the gook.

- they're spelled differently. - sperm swim in the river of semen. - exactly, that's beautiful, that's beautiful poetry. - wet dreams: also known as a nocturnal emission, it is an involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep. - a wet dream is whena boy is really horny

in his sleep but he don't know it, and then he wakes up and it's like, boom. - teens, uh, they're full of hormones, they're not having asmuch sex as they want, so they just gotta come in their sleep. - that would suck to wake up to. - yeah, just a wholebunch of semen everywhere. - like, what, do you guys wear diapers to bed or something?

- what are you gonna do? you're dreaming about some boobs and ... - it's like effortless masturbation. - girls can't have those. - yeah, you can. - well, that's ridiculous. - the prostate: a gland surroundingthe neck of the bladder in male mammals that releases a fluid

during ejaculation thatis part of the semen. - i could not know less about any of this. - like if you have an enlarged prostate. it makes you have to pee. - you don't know where the prostate is? - i have no idea where the prostate is. - that's where most of the men's, like, pleasure feeling is. - it's like the clitoris of the man.

- this is how patriarchy hurts men, too. because it doesn't allow you to feel the most pleasure you could feel by having fingers up your butthole, because they scare youaway about being gay. - i know men get cancer from it. - i just know the exams are uncomfortable. - if everyone could just, like, embrace smashing the patriarchy,

men could have really great orgasms from their buttholes. quote me on that. - does the prostate haveanything to do with diabetes? - no! - blue balls: a slang term for the painfelt in the testicles, caused by unsatisfied sexual arousal. - very aroused male human.

- balls like, whissh! theylike, expand or whatever. - and then can't finish his excitement. - my thing is, do yourballs actually turn blue? i don't know, cause i'm not gonna look. - that's real, it's a real discomfort. - i don't know if it's true. i feel like it's something a guy made up to get girls to give hand jobs. - why, if he's gonna make something up,

why would he just get a hand job from it? - blue balls are so sad. - would you rather have a penis? - it's less maintenance. - i don't like the idea of having a penis, cause there's, like,something between your legs that's just dangling there. - i don't need to adjust all the time. - a penis is so uncontrollable.

- doing all kinds of tucks andworrying about these tucks. up-tuck, down-tuck, side-tuck. - i feel like it would becool to get a boner, though. - i wish i could pee everywhere. - and like, it'd be nice not to like, have that time of the month. - that's true. - i have a dream to writemy name in the snow one day. - i think you could learn.

- i feel like i'd playwith it all the time. like i wouldn't be able to stop. - what a way to have a secret. if you have a penis you havesuch a secret, you know? nobody knows what you're packing. - [purpled haired women]yeah, but nobody knows what vaginas look like--

long foreskin

- [woman with bangs] butit doesn't really matter. - [purpled haired women]yeah, that's true.

- [woman with bangs] in a room of people you always have a secret.

lithium drug

seroquel xr, the brand-name form of quetiapine,is a prescription medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in adults.seroquel xr belongs to a group of drugs called antipsychotics. the exact way it works isunclear, but it is proposed to regulate certain chemicals in the brain. this medication comesin extended release tablet form and is usually

lithium drug

taken once daily with or without food. commonside effects of seroquel xr are dizziness,

lithium drug, dry mouth, and drowsiness. do not drive oroperate heavy machinery until you know how seroquel xr affects you. as is always thecase, take this medication only if your healthcare provider prescribes it for you. for rxwiki,i'm bethany muhlstein.

itchy clitorus

as the year draws to a close, i just wantto take a little look back over a lot of the sex toys i tried this year. things i loved. things i hated. mostly things i loved, honestly -- as shittyas this year was in a lot of regards, it was

itchy clitorus, a pretty good year for sex toys (at leastfor me)! so let's dive into many of the wonders anddisappointments that 2016 brought into my life. let's start with the worst toy i tried thisyear. that honor absolutely has to go to the jimmyjaneform 5.

i hated this thing. if you watch all my reviews, you know thatthat was easily the most scathing one i've ever had to do. pretty much everything about this toy upsetsme. the vibrations are incredibly buzzy, numbingmy vulva and making my hands itch from holding it. it makes a really obnoxious high-pitched sound. the shape doesn't make any goddamn sense. and perhaps worst of all, it retails for $145. i have $15 vibrators that are better thanthis.

i do know a couple people who like the form5, but i'm sorry, i will never understand you. i also know a lot of other people who hateit, so at least i'm not alone in that regard. this toy is shit, and jimmyjane should feelbad. now onto the weirdest sex toy i tried: thetokidoki x lovehoney unicorn wand. just look at this thing. it is hilarious and amazing and one of myfavorite things in my life. because unicorns. why does this exist? i dunno, but i knew i needed to have it themoment i saw it, and lovehoney was generous

enough to hook me up. is it a great wand? meh. it's no hitachi. it's no doxy. but does the hitachi have a mane made outof rainbows? does the doxy have an actually-kind-of-uncomfortablepink horn protruding from its head? i don't think so. let me know if you do want to see a reviewof this toy on my channel or blog because

i've been debating whether i actually wantto do one. it's okay. i am totally getting a display stand for itthough. for me, the stand-out sex toy company in 2016was easily we-vibe. they came out with three new toys this year,and every single one of them was really well done. the nova didn't fit my personal anatomy verywell, as is the curse of rabbit vibrators, but i loved its innovative shape and its abilityto be thrusted while still maintaining clitoral contact, and the vibrations were also prettyexcellent. it didn't work well for me, but i recommendit to other people all the time.

the sync was a much-needed upgrade to we-vibe'sflagship wearable "couples" vibrator, and its power level and adjustable hinges meanthat it's the first toy of that style that i really feel like i can recommend. again, it's not something i personally useall the time, but it's a great option for people who want that kind of thing, and i'mso happy it exists. now, the we-vibe rave is a toy that i useall the time. as far as powerful and rumbly insertable vibratorsgo, this one cannot be beat. the vibrations are so deep and so strong,and it kind of blows my mind every time i use it.

i love the asymmetrical shape and the waythat it can be twisted for unique g-spot stimulation and placed in different ways on the clit forbroader or more pinpoint clitoral stimulation. i don't love that it's not fully waterproof,but for vibrations like that, i can get past it. this is a fantastic sex toy from a fantasticbrand. i love we-vibe so much. the most disappointing company, on the otherhand, has to be lelo. i have a whole blacklist on my blog of brandsthat i don't support, whether it's because they have ethical problems, customer serviceissues, or just bad products, and lelo has managed to tick all three of those boxes.

and i actually find that personally upsettingbecause lelo was one of the first companies i really got excited about when i first startedgetting into sex toys -- they were luxurious, body-safe, and claimed to be feminist. i've had mixed feelings about the companyfor a few years now, between their declining product and packaging quality, increased prices,inconsistent customer service, and recent focus on gimmicks over functionality whenit comes to their products. but 2016 really hammered home that lelo isnot a company i can support in good conscience. this year they decided to break into the worldof contraception and sti protection with a new condom called the lelo hex.

and who did they decide to bring on as thespokesperson for their hex condoms campaign? why, none other than notorious violentdomestic abuser charlie sheen. of course, they've completely blown off allcriticism from feminists and abuse survivors, just like they're now blowingoff questions from sex educators about whether the hex condoms are actually safe as condoms. i can't. i'm done. if you're in the market for a luxury sex toy,there are other companies out there with better, cheaper products and ethics that don't suck.

air pulsation/suction toys were huge thisyear. i got to try out both of the main ones -- thewomanizer (mine is the w500 model) and the cheaper copycat satisfyer pro 2. i really liked the womanizer for its unique,nuanced sensations, despite its gross name and gaudy appearance. i kind of wanted to like the satisfyer andmaybe be able to recommend it as a cheaper (and waterproof) alternative, but it lackedany of the subtlety that made the womanizer so effective for me and was so intense thati could barely even use it. overall, the womanizer still reigns supremefor me, but if you're looking to get one now

i would actually recommend the new $99 pro40 model over the absurdly expensive version that i have. the new cheaper one is actually waterproof,sleeker looking, and apparently performs about as well. if my w500 ever bites the dust, i'll probablyreplace it with a pro 40. the lovehoney desire wand. i don't have a lot to say about this toy. it's just a really solid mid-sized, mid-range,rechargeable wand vibrator. it impressed me a lot more than i was anticipating,and i reach for it often. good stuff.

dildos! i didn't actually try that many new dildosthis year -- i think i tried like four, all of them from tantus. but when i got my hands on the tantus boundit quickly became on of my top-tier favorites. i still think that very nearly everyone willfind this toy way, way, way too abrasive, but for me and my texture-obsessed vag, it'sabsolutely wonderful. finally, the two best sex toys of 2016. there are two sex toys that stood out tome as not just the best i tried this year, but two of the best toys to ever comeinto my life.

unfortunately because i got both of them towardsthe end of the year, i haven't had time to get reviews up for them yet. but they are so great, and i should have reviewsready for both of them within the next few weeks, so keep an eye on my channel and blog. the first of these two beauties is the funfactory stronic eins. i don't really have the words to describehow brilliant this toy is, which is maybe why it's taking me so long to do a full review. fun factory's stronic toys are some of thecoolest things i've ever seen -- instead of being a traditional vibrator, these are pulsatorsthat have an internal weight that moves back

and forth. everyone compares them to a shake weight,and what it means is that the toy is basically self-thrusting. all it needs is a finger or two to keep itin the body (or you can brace it against a pillow) and it just chugs along, hitting myg-spot with a champion's consistency and basically no effort on my part. now, it's crazy expensive, almost $200, soi could never recommend it to the average person. but if you're a sex toy fiend and you'relooking for something different, that does something that no other toy on the market can do,this is so good.

the second toy, and my new all-time favoritevibrator, is the l'amourose prism v. remember what i said earlier about there being luxurytoys that are better and cheaper than lelo? the prism is, to me, a perfect sex toy. it is so beautiful. the shape of the head is perfect for hittingmy g-spot, perfect for giving my clit the not-too-pinpoint, not-too-broad stimulationit craves. it's nice and rumbly, with a huge range ofvibration intensities from gentle to powerful. not quite as powerful as the we-vibe rave,but more powerful than my lelo mona 2 or any other insertable vibrator i own.

it's completely waterproof. perfect, perfect, perfect sex toy. for me, at least. and price-wise, it's $99, making it cheaperthan the rave or any lelo insertable. now, $99 is still a lot of money. this is not an inexpensive sex toy by anymeans, but as far as luxury vibrators go, this is the toy that i feel i can most confidentlyrecommend above all others. it has the versatility, shape, type and rangeof vibrations, and price that i think could satisfy the widest variety of people.

i cannot overstate how fucking good this vibratoris. it's my favorite. my sex toy goals for next year are, firstoff, to review more budget-friendly toys. toys under $100. toys under $50. i'm lucky because of the work i do to be senta lot of really expensive luxury sex toys, but let's be honest, i could never actuallyafford most of those if i had to pay for them. and i'm sure a lot of you are in that sameboat. a toy doesn't have to cost a lot of moneyto be good, and there are definitely some

quality options out there at a lower pricepoint, so i want to explore that more in 2017. i also want to try out different materialsthat have never touched my genitals before, things like stainless steel, wood, glazedceramic, polished stone. i want to try more glass toys as well. my collection right now is almost entirelysilicone and abs plastic, so i think it's time to branch out. what were the best or worst sex toys you triedin 2016?

itchy clitorus

or what were your favorite things i reviewed? also let me know in the comments if there'sanything specific you'd like to see me review

in the new year. thanks for watching, and i'll see you nexttime!

how long does the flu last

dr. bruce gellin: people who have influenza– again, this is a severe viral infection – may have a range of symptoms. they couldinclude: headache, body aches, muscle aches, fever and chills, cough, sneezing, stuffynose, runny nose, sometime people even have

how long does the flu last

diarrhea. it can be a number of those things.and other people can have the flu and have minimal symptoms. so if you think you haveinfluenza, it’d be important to contact

how long does the flu last, your healthcare provider, because anti-viralmedicines early may help you feel better and shorten your illness.

heavy petting

listen to me. tell victoria that i'm havinghere cat declawed. why are you calling me? well, i was told you could do a little workfor me? claws are $2,000: $1,000 up front, a $1,000 on the backend. hey, randee brando,actor. well, i think new foods, to avoid any embarrassment, they had ol' bunkers here signover her guardianship to me. jeez, mary, you nicked me! bad snake! go to your time outbag. i guess safari steve, in one of his daydreams,

heavy petting, thought up a time out bag when he was playingaround with his snake. are you feeling tired? do you need a break but don't have couch handy?then try the time out bag. thank you for joining us, safari steve. now, you have made a wonderfuldevice. can you explain how the time out bag works? well, you just get into the bag. whoa,whoa, whoa-- slow down, safari steve. not

everybody is an expert like you. let me breakit down for our viewers. first, grab the bag. and make sure you use your hands, and yougrab the bag here at the top. then you open the bag. then you step into the bag. and thenyou sit down. that is how the time out bag works. now, safari steve, i have a question:would the time out bag be good for children? absolutely, they're easy to get into the bag,because they're small. well, let's put it to the test. come here, dear. hi, baby-poo.hello. wheee!. oh, whoa, whoa. yeah, sounds like there's snakes already in there. it'sokay, snakes love children. it'll be like a play date. okay, then. wheeee, little baby!sounds like they're having a great time out in there. if you order the time out bag inthe next 10 minutes, we'll throw in this handy

tie-off rubber band. hey, safari steve, thanksagain for helping out today. thank you, i had so much fun. oh, yeah! yeah! being outin front of a live crowd and selling is such a rush. oh, for sure. yeah, there's nothinglike it. would you like to go out for coffee sometime? oh, no. here you go. i don't really…so… yeah… i'm a virgo. i love spending time out in nature. my mother's an alcoholic.and i have gout. wow. hey, we should go out again sometime. i'm free every day this week.free every day next week. oh, shoot, you know what? i am busy every day this week, and iam busy…i am busy every day next week. really? uh huh. week after that? i'm busy. month?busy. tonight. 8 o'clock. cracker barrel. i'm free, okay. we will go to cracker barrel.okay. what's up, fellers. randee brando in

the hiz-ouse. sorry, i'm a little late formy fitting, but i was pounding my glutes, repeatedly. pounding them! if you know whati'm talkin' about. hey, guy, i know you. you encouraged me to feed some sugarcane to thatbaby panda, and the damn thing reached for my philip michael thomas. but i got a freetire rotation, so let's just call it a wash. i'd like to phone a friend, meredith. huh,gilbert grape, what's eatin' him? so listen, randee brandon, actor. we met before. youknow, i gotta say: as i student of, like, human behavior, i read human behavior-- ican pick up on vibes you may be givin' off and stuff like that, and i can tell rightnow that you are horny? no, are you jealous? you're angry. you're angry. what are you angryabout? you know what? i know how to soothe

that. right here, right now. bang. good. luck.in. the. arts. randee brando! here you go, bro. that'll get you in most closed doors.you're welcome. hey, good lookin' out, bunk. what-what! that's actually, kona, our director.kona's a direct… can you bare with me, just one quick second here…i'll just…pardonme. do you mind if i just have a moment of your time here? excuse me, i hope i'm notdisturbing you. randee brando, actor. i would just appreciate being considered for any upcomingprojects you might have. i was curious if perhaps… do you know what, randee? i thinkyour fitting is right through there, actually. oh, the fitting? yeah, yeah, i think it'sright through here. pardon me. okay, great-- yeah, because i'm doing this, like, multimilliondollar po-ta-to chip campaign with bunk, and

so i gotta get in there and hammer it. they'reprobably putting me in full suit moo moo, something like that. who knows, right? yeah.take it easy guy. you got it. you alright

heavy petting

there, safari? is this you? lee majors. mustbe you. it looks like you. you see me? because i see you. you see me, you know it's bad.i'm the guy they send to fix things. you see me, you wish you were dreamin', because i'ma livin' nightmare. you see, you scratched the wrong post, cat. now it's time to declawyou. permanently.


when people think they have a dry scalp it’s usually because they see white flakes. but did you know there’s virtually no suchthing as a dry scalp? let me tell you what it really is and howto fix it. in the dermtv episode on dry facial skin,

fucidin, i explained that flaking on the face, whichcan look like dry skin, is often dandruff. sure, the skin on your face can be dry andtherefore flaky, especially on your cheeks, but in other placesit’s often actually dandruff.

but what about flaking on your scalp? is that a dry scalp, or is it dandruff again? this one’s easy, because 99% of the timeit’s not dry skin on your scalp… it’s almost always dandruff. you see, if you’re not bald, if you havehair on your scalp, it’s almost impossible to have dry skinthere. so if you see flaking on your scalp, it’s actually dandruff even if you see flaking that looks just like the flaking from dryskin.

here, it’s the result of excess oil, not on the surface of the scalp, but underneathit. that excess oil causes inflammation which results in a little bit of redness,a little bit of swelling, and then causes the skin to be shed prematurely... while on the other hand, normal skin cellsfall off on time and invisibly. but when the skin cells fall off early, they don’t have a chance to separate fromeach other completely so they fall off in tiny mini sheets whichare the flakes that you see.

well that’s really good news, because ifit were dry skin, how could you ever apply a moisturizer toyour scalp without really messing up your hair? fortunately, the treatment of dandruff-inducedscalp flaking is easily accomplished with shampoos, so we usually don’t need to apply lotionsor creams to your scalp. instead, buy an over-the-counter shampoo whose active ingredient is either tar, salicylicacid, zinc, or selenium and use it daily for 5-7 days.

to use it, lather it up for a minute, thenrinse out, and then lather up again for a half a minutebefore rinsing a final time. that will usually control the dandruff


so you can then use the shampoo less frequently. and since the flaking isn’t dry skin, you don’t have to worry about drying outyour scalp from shampooing every day!

female squirt

so you literally get cum like from the wind? nyeah. have you ever squirted before? hm.... eh... uh. yeah i think.

female squirt, not gonna lie, i have. no i haven't. okay. - i've heard about it. yes, i have.

*giggles* what's so funny? it's funny because i don't know! how did someone get you to squirt? having a long session. and then it just kinda happens, like "pshhh" when you're going so hard and it just... happens. there's some great fluctuations in the grand canyon causing lots of water to erupt. everyone woman's different, every dick's different too, cause it's like

it's hitting a certain spot, that makes you... yeah, some, you've got the curve up and then some you've got like the curve to the side. are you like an upward kind of girl or sideways kinda girl? i like to do it all over the damn place. it was just one point, where he hit a spot and then i just squirted. what is that spot? let's just say that this is the opening. that's really big..

well this, it's for the camera. okay, so this is my vagina. that's totally big. i don't know. probably just like... right here and going in deep. oh so it's like a deep way. it's not necessary like somewhere around... yeah.

my legs are like right here, but like woop you know i'm not that flexible! wait, so you're laying down and he's right on top. so this is just missionary? yeah, missionary, but your legs are up. when you squirt is it a more intense orgasm

than if you don't? you just orgasm. so that's just ice-cream. but if you orgasm with squirting, it's like ice-cream... with hot fudge... maybe a banana or some fruit with whipped cream and a cherry. and sprinkles. i like sprinkles. i think it's perfect. [it] was 4th of july, but it was

wait it was more because i had daddy issues involved you know when you play mortal kombat and you like get your bar up and you can do all those crazy combat you know, combo moves? you're a little bit worried that you peed yourself. yeah, and so that's kind of- and so it's like "shit i just peed myself." but then it's obviously not pee, so...

i have no idea what it is. just like liquid that the woman produces in their body. it doesn't have a scent of piss, and it's not yellow. where you pee and where you cum, it's completely different holes. it's not coming out of the peehole, right? yeah so, is it pee or is it not? it can not be. the peehole is always just for pee. but your bladder produces something else

that's like mostly sugar and some other type of fluid. but if it's mostly sugar, is it sweet? i don't know, i haven't tasted it. have you? i have not, unfortunately. but if there's anybody that wants to volunteer, i'm open. what's the secret to making a girl orgasm? just go... fast and hard. that's my advice. that's like something vin diesel would say. i know for a fact that the orgasm doesn't come from a physical touch

because i came in my dreams plenty of times and i'm not touching myself. bite her neck, smack her ass. that's what i'm into. explore her body and enjoy what's in front of you like a nice grand steak and lobster dinner. it's the ratio of penis and vagina you can have too much penis, or too little penis. it has to be the right amount. i think some guys have "big dick problems". it's a thing. go on the internet, take your boyfriend

type on pornhub. that's like asking bill gates "do you have money problems". obviously he doesn't. i don't have dick problems. i don't have dick proble- i don't have dick problems! maybe you just haven't realized it yet. what's up guys? do you love it when girls touch your chest? i know i sure do. that's why i love wearing these gold foil shirts. i'm not even joking.

girls can not resist touching this. every party i go to, they're always like "oh, what shirt is this, that feels good. omg" and i'm just like, "yo, we can do that naked." in addition to that, what you wear should be an expression of who you are. and that's why we created these four shirts, so that you guys can wear it, have girls touch your chest, and also show people who you are, and what you like.

female squirt

so if you like any of these shirts i have up there on the screen feel free to click on the link in the description.

it's only gonna be around for the next ten days, so make sure if you want one... get it now.

dry drowning

so my last job i was a lifeguard at the hard rock hotel. one morning at like 8 am, i go in and the pool is dead i love opening shift because when the pool is dead, i just take a nap. so i was watching the water and this lady comes up to me and she goes, "excuse me young man, but what is the quickest way to-

dry drowning, oh my god, you are so handsome !" another family comes out and they go out to the other side of the pool and the dad of the daughter of this family jump in the water "wow, okay. i'm sorry to be this forward but oh my god, you are so handsome."

anytime anybody comes up to the guard stand and tries to talk to me i keep looking at the water. i keep scanning but i just talk to them without making eye contact. this lady is getting ready for cuffing season, because she is just showering me with compliments and i take my eye off the water for the first time ever to talk to somebody. "your jawline, are your parent models? your lips, oh my god, and your eyes" you see, i was like "girl, bye". i have black eyes. okay, you had me going until you started talking about my eyes. she looks away from me and looks at the pool and she goes, "oh, um, that guy over there. he doesn't look too hot." so i look to the dad and there is a few warning signs that something was wrong. he wasn't moving, he was face down and he was blue

i'm like "is this dude dead?" steve harvey runs out, "survey says" (dat negro dead!) any lifeguard would tell you that kids come out to the pool and do the dead man float every day how does a 5'9" man drown in a 4' pool? "splain" it! i'm sitting here and looking at this dude like " any second now, buddy. you can just stand up. jokes over " and the lady goes, "i gotta go, bye" the mom, daughter, and son is looking at me like " hellooo, do something bro!" michelle is the other lifeguard on duty and she was walking around roaming she sees this and she walks over. the daughter kind of pushes her lifeless dad's body to the edge of the pool

and michelle pulls him out. coming out of the water lookin like jinx with them big old lips 30 minutes later, the paramedics come out. they go back to the ambulance and come back stretcher at this point, he starts moving a little bit. the paramedics are looking at me at the guard stand like. "ha, wow. you were up there this whole time?" the grim reaper shows up and helps the paramedics carry the dad back to the ambulance jen, my supervisor, shows up and she freaks out she runs out to michelle and runs over to me and she was like " what happened?!" "ah, obviously you are not doing a good job supervising me cuz look at this. look at what you did" "my office, now!"

so apparently what happened is that the dad and the daughter were underwater trying to see who can hold their breath longest and the daughter came up and the dad never did. so the paramedics got there, they said that he "dry drowned" i went home and looked up "dry drowning". i still don't know what that means. i'll leave you guys with this, splitting your attention like when you're driving, giving your phone 40% and the road 60%. 60% is still an f

dry drowning

you go through life and giving it 50 or 60% is still an f so if you're going to something, give it 100 (snaps) especially when you're a lifeguard oh, by the way, the dad lived. he's fine but they didn't put me back up the lifeguard stand for a hot minute.

dry cough medicine

a dry cough or a non-productive cough is usually the result of a viral infection triggers that bring on a dry cough orpollution irritants and allergens in the environment and even a sinus infection the back of the throat gets inflamed or irritated leading to dryness and coughing there is no mucus or phlegm in adry cough making the throat itchy

dry cough medicine, and leading to a persistent cough this makes the body totally fatigued and compromises the immune system honey is a natural home remedy for drycough as it soothes the irritated tissue lining at the back of your throat

depending on the severity of the coughtake a tablespoon of honey 1 to 3 times a day take a glass of warm water and add the juice of a freshly squeezed lime to it and now add one or two teaspoons ofhoney mix this well and have this concoction a couple of times a day till the cough disappears soak around seven almonds in warm water overnight in the morning peel the skin off and make a paste out of it and now to this paste add 2 tablespoons of butter and also add 2 tablespoons of sugar mix this well and form a paste

you can have the paste twice a day until you get relief in a glass of slightly warm water add ateaspoon of turmeric or haldi powder and add a teaspoon of carom or ajwain powder mix this really well and have a couple of times a day until the cough persists.

dry cough medicine

eat healthy drink healthy and lead a happy life if you enjoyed this video remember to hit the like button and leave a comment letting me know what you feel and remember to check out our other home remedies eat healthy stay healthy and lead a long happy life

crackling sound in ear

hello my dear my lovely my sweety i'm very very happy to see you again and today, i want to be very close to you

crackling sound in ear, i want to whisper into your ears from ear to ear very close and softly i hope you will enjoy it

and also i want i will do caressing your ear and whisper at the same time but it will be later now, i just want to talk to you about autumn i think autumn is the most cozy season this is a time for being at home lay on your favorite bed with favorite books

favorite hot tea and coffee with favorite movies or favorite asmr videos to listen to and this is the time to be more gentle to your close people to your friends, to your relatives and this is the time to remind the summer, and the most pleasant moment of the summer and i don't see any reason to be sad 'cause of autumn

'cause this is very very special time for relax this is very comfortable time to relax and today i want you to relax with me if you don't mind if you will let me to relax you to help you to relax and you, you're enjoying

all things what i do for your relaxation i'm very, very happy to be so much close to you i know we meet not so much often but, i'm very, very shy each time i meet with you i'm shy of my english please forgive me, my mistakes and accent but i do my best so

today i want you think about pleasant moments of the autumn for example it can be the rain sounds it's very cozy sounds i think or it can be the sounds of leaves in the park or forest and for example, meeting with your best friends

no reason to be sad of autumn this is the wonderful time especially for pleasant and relaxation don't you think so? i want you completely relaxed today and right now i want to use some autumn accessory this is, this from park and i think it sounds good

i want to crinkle with it to your left ear to your left ear and i will whisper to your right ear now you can imagine how you are walking in the park or forest and have a good time with your friends i'm trying to be very gentle and crinkle it very, very gentle i hope you enjoy it and now, i want to crinkle to your right ear

a lot of people like crinkle sounds and they think this is one of autumn sounds it sounds good okay and now, i want to make a pleasure for your ears i will caress your right ear and i will whisper to your left ear at the same time 'cause i know it can be very sensitive and i hope, you enjoy it

i hope it will help you to relax and sleep well i hope it will help you to warm up in your ears your ear is so soft, so gentle i like to touch it and now i want, a little squeeze your ear like that i hope you can feel it and i hope you enjoy it just try to relax and think about something, something pleasant

and now, i want to caress your left ear very gently. and i hope you will enjoy it take a deep breath and relax don't think about past incident in your life be positive this is the way for good mood and good life, be positive i think it's wonderful that today we can be together only you and me please forget any bad things in your life

and just try be with me, and relax now i want to squeeze your left ear very, very, very gently i hope you like it and now i want to tingle you just a little tingle your nose *clicking sounds* i want to say i'm very happy today to meet you again

i hope you will never leave me

crackling sound in ear

and i want to say thank you for join me to entertain and i hope today you had a pleasant pleasure thank you i love you


hi mario, thanks a lot that's ok bye hi there hello how are you good thank you i'm chelsea from recovery hi chelsea and this is mary murray

clexane, mary hello mary hi there your back on the ward now my name is jacinta i'm the nurse looking after you tonight ok so this is mary murray her ur number is 210

7101 and her date of birth is the twenty six of the first 1938 correct um she's had her neck of femur fixed today obs are fine she's has some pain relief neurovascular in tact everything's in the chart that you need to know i've really got to get back to recovery because it's flat out down there well hang on a moment chelsea that's not really ok i need to know as much about mary as possible as i'm looking after her tonight and i need to need to make sure that the

care i give her is safe so would you mind giving me a little more detail oh of course yeah ok so mary's been to theatre today and shes had her left neck of femur repaired she fractured it a couple of days ago she's had an internal fixation of that today she's a past history of having actual fibulation of that today she's normally on warfarin

she has type two diabetes she heads some hypotension and high cholesterol she's had a general anaesthetic today and intraoperatively she was nice and stable they gave her some paracetamol intraoperatively should got to recovery at ten o'clock this morning her observations have been stable blood pressure has been around one hundred thirty over seventy pulse has been around since eighty five and respiratory rate is sixteen she's on two litres of oxygen

her oxygen saturation has been ninety nine percent she had some pain when she woke up and she's had 80 micrograms of iv fentanol pain protocol and we followed that up we've followed that up with five milligrams of oral oxycodone when she left the recovery her pain score one to two she's got a urinary catheter insitu which is yielding good amounts of urine her estimated blood loss intraop was two hundred mills

she's gotta left hip wound there which was dry mary i'm just going to have a look at your wound yeap that's good alright good she's got a ivt insitu four percent and a fifth and that's running at eighteen mills-an-hour her bsl was six point six when we did it in recovery now post op orders are she can eat drink is tolerated weight bear as tolerated neurovascular

observations to her left foot she's to have her warfarin held and start the clexane as ordered in her drug chart and she should can have iv cefazolin one gram for three doses eight hourly now she's got

her glasses and her hearing aid she's a little bit deaf and the doctor wanted her haemoglobin checked as well so has that blood been taken yes the anaesthetist took the blood but he wants your evening ortho reg to follow it up thanks ok and her daughter jan would like to be informed of her return to the ward to ok happy with that yes thanks for that chelsea so just to confirm with you i need to let jan her daughter know that's right and also

make sure that orthopedic reg chances that haemoglobin result correct yes that’s right so i really appreciate that hand over that was really good and is going to make my job a lot easier this afternoon look after mary and making sure that she is safe good no problem ok mary i’m going back to recovery now i'm going back to recovery i've given jacinta your heading aids oh alright good thank all the best now take care thank you ok bye bye ok now mary i'm going to go and let jan know you're back but just before i go how is your pain going oh what's your pain score now

oh it's near forty ok so we'll get you some more pain relief then ok yes thank you the key principles highlighted in that scenario include making time for a thorough handover especially when workload is high is important to patient safety there was a clear transfer of accountability and responsibility in the care of the patient the hand over occurred at the ward bedside to allow for visual cues in patient observation the isbar process was supported by clinical notes to ensure important

information was not overlooked isbar standardises clinical handover it's especially helpful for junior staff who often are unable to identify the important pieces of information which needed to be handed over it's also very it also gives structure to a hand over so that everything is handed over and no vital information is missed

i think as a nurse it is important that we take the time for a good clinical handover so that important information isn't left out


we're all busy so it's really vital that as a senior nurse we show the way for the junior staff on how to give good clinical handovers um... because ultimately as unless nurse you're responsible for that patients care so it's vital

bumps on head of penis

dr. lee: (incomprehensible) dr. lee: so, we're going to start at the top, here. dr. lee: i'm going to just push against you, alright? make sure nothing hurts you. dr. lee: your wife doesn't care to do these?

bumps on head of penis, man: no... dr. lee: no? well, she's missing out. dr. lee: "she's missing out," i think is what a lot of people are going to say. man: well, i guess it's-

dr. lee: some people really like this, did you know that? dr. lee: did you know that some people really like this?man: i had no clue. assistant: (incomprehensible) dr. lee: not sure if i can numb this one, though. dr. lee: you okay, here? not too bad? man: yeah, absolutely. dr. lee: okay. dr. lee: some of them are pretty deep under there; they become what's called "dilated pore winers,"

because they are just, sort of, burrowed under there. man: well, i'm not surprised. dr. lee: and if you're okay with us hanging out and trying to push them out of here, that's good, 'cause we can get a lot of them out of here, then. man: nah, i'm good. dr. lee to assistant: i'll just leave you to do your stuff- dr. lee to man: you must tell me if i'm really hurting somewhere, okay?

man: no, that's good. dr. lee: [whispers] i think i got that. see? you've got to go under here. dr. lee: that's just tucked under there, and things are just going to tuck under there, actually. dr. lee: because of your acne and your previous scarring, you've got little, almost like, superficial fistulas, little areas where it just connects under the skin.

man: that's probably like a whole route system in there. dr. lee: yeah, you just have scarring; scarring, and it creates these little- man: mmhmm. dr. lee: -areas that it gets trapped under there but it comes out of another hole, here. dr. lee: like tracks under there. dr. lee: there was one way up here;

let me see if i can get that one. dr. lee: you'll feel so nice and clean after this. man: [chuckles] dr. lee: i wonder if your wife's going to even notice it. man: probably not. dr lee: [laughs] dr. lee: alright, i'm going to move myself right on down over there.

dr. lee: [whispers] let's get this one, here. dr. lee: these stinkers are all nice and dried up, so to speak. they're easier to take out. man: oh, that's good. man: trying to make it easy for you. dr. lee: you are, you are! dr. lee: they're satisfying that way then, because they're going to come out and not-

sometimes, we really have to fight with them, and these are agreeing with us, down here. man: well, the less fighting, the better. dr. lee: we need to come down more straight on. man: if you need me to move, holler. dr. lee: no, no, you're okay. [incomprehensible whispers] dr. lee: [whispers] let's try this one... dr. lee: oop!

[whispers] that one i dropped on the floor. dr. lee: [laughs] dr. lee to man: dropped one on the floor. dr. lee: [whispers] this one... dr. lee: you alright, here? this one's a little bit sticky. man: no, that's alright. dr. lee: okay, we'll pull it out. dr. lee: pulling them out. it's in there.

dr. lee: see, they tuck under his little scars, here. dr. lee: got that whole thing out, though. assistant: it's just sitting in there. dr. lee: it's tucked under there, you know? dr. lee: but they are certainly just tucked- man: it's hiding. dr. lee: it is; you know, it's like a little black head cave. dr.lee: it is. it's like a black head cave; they're all- man: hate when that happens, right?

dr. lee: it's like a species living here on you, i feel like. they've all made their own little homes in different areas. man: i know that's kind of what i- dr. lee: and now i'm disrupting them; i'm rocking their world, let me just tell ya. man: [as black heads] "just go away and leave me alone." dr. lee: i know... dr. lee: well, you have not extracted these, really,

so, the fact is, that, i bet you a lot of them will stay away for a very long time because of that. because you haven't even done anything with them. dr. lee: let's see, they're like--they all hide sideways his don't go straight down like some people's do. his are going, like, to the side. dr. lee: it's like, once i start doing one person's, i kind of know the characteristics of their black heads, that they do something different

than his do. his come from the side. dr. lee: this one's a little tough booger, sorry about that. dr. lee: this one, i'm going to get at it sideways dr. lee: alright, there's one bigger one up here i saw, i've got to go back to that one. man: okay. dr. lee: we're almost done. you okay? man: sure.

dr. lee: there's one up here i want to get man: could do this all day, right? [laughs] dr. lee: yeah, we could do this all day. people could watch us all day, i'll tell you that. dr. lee: doesn't bug you, right? this is just, like, it is what it is. man: (incomprehensible) dr. lee: does it feel actually good to feel like these are going away?

man: it doesn't feel any different- dr. lee: yeah. man: -but that's okay. dr. lee: maybe you'll feel that way tomorrow when you take a shower, or something. that'll make you feel better--hopefully it will. otherwise you're just completely donating this to a good cause to make people happy around the world.

dr. lee: let's see, almost done here. dr. lee: really, all the big ones, we got, um... there's a couple here, this one right here, then i've got to work a little on this left side, and then we're good. dr. lee: there's one here. dr. lee: these lower ones, i think he's going to be able to get to, himself. dr. lee to assistant: come over on this side, actually,

i think i'll- dr. lee to man: here, i'm going to turn you turn you this way a little bit. dr. lee: good. because we're going to get just a few more right here, and then we're all right. dr. lee: was your acne the worst on your back? or was it pretty bad on your face, too? man: it was on my--it was all over, basically. dr. lee: did you have kids that had acne, or-?man: [misses question] i was one of those lucky ones.

dr. lee: yeah, there's a lot of people like that still, you know? it's not something we can find the cure for--we just try to treat them and we still have a lot of the same treatments that you had dr. lee: some people just don't get them treated, though, too. i mean do you think you- man: our kids never really had it... (incomprehensible) dr. lee: oh, really? that's good. do you think if they started to have it bad, you would have

certainly brought them in pretty soon?man: probably. dr. lee: i find that a lot with adults. parents that have had acne when they were a kid, they're really quick to bring their kids in and that's interesting to see, you know? dr. lee: because you remember what it did to you, you know? dr. lee: those are okay, here... you've got this last little bit, here.

dr. lee: all the smaller ones, i'm trying to peak out. assistant: i think i got pretty much... assistant: right here, maybe? dr. lee: [whispers] hard to see in this shadow. dr. lee: good. dr. lee: did you find it strange when doctor avery was just like, "hey, do you want to come back so we can squeeze your black heads?" man: sounded like some weird fetish to me.

[assistant and dr. lee laugh] dr. lee: well, it's not really, though. it's not like a fetish; it's just, i think it makes people feel happy--good. man: well, he was telling me that you love to do it- dr. lee: that i love to do it? man: -and i'm thinking, "are you serious, really?" dr. lee: [chuckles] i guess he's showing he loves me- man: i guess. dr. lee: -that he's finding someone for me;

what is that about? man: and he was telling me how many likes you had and all this, and i thought, "that's hard." dr. lee: oh, yeah, so you're just going to add to it. dr. lee: alright, i think we're good. man: awesome. dr. lee: i think we're good. dr. lee: there's just a couple little bigger ones; i'm going to have her-

oh, this is the one--let me just do this last little bit. because this is the only troubled one--i'm going to put a little numbing right there. it didn't come out all the way, and that one bothered me, actually. i'm going to do that one for completeness' sake. dr. lee: and, um, you might put a little band-aid just on a couple of them, just because they wanted to ooze just a little bit. dr. lee: just so that you don't stain your shirt.

dr. lee: [whispers] here we go. dr. lee: [whispers] there we go. dr. lee: alright. dr. lee: [whispers] it's like i don't want to leave, or something.

bumps on head of penis

man: well, you can do my back, and your husband sprayed my head, so... dr. lee: oh, okay. see, we each got our part on you.assistant: [laughs] double-team. we're going to double-team you, exactly.

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