a big improvement.and away with it. i had no urge to do anything. hi, i'm bastiaan.-and i'm rens. welcome in our drugslab. in this lab we try different drugsto see what they do to our body.

temazepam, if you're curious about a drug,let us know in the comments. and manuela, jet and...-jeffrey... very good.they were all curious about modafinil. this is modafinil.it's an oblong, white pill.

and it smells... neutral. modafinil gets prescribedfor narcolepsy... a sleeping disorder involvingfrequent bouts of deep sleep. this counteracts that.it makes you alert and gives you energy. so it resembles amphetamines,but it doesn't make you euphoric. i did some research,and i find it pretty bizarre. everywhere you read that everyonereally likes to take it in order to study. it lasts a long time,so you have to take it in the morning...

and not after 2 pm,because then you can't sleep. that's weird too.2 pm is the early afternoon. so if you take it then and go to bedat 1 am, you won't fall asleep. i didn't sleep well,so i'm not very focused. that's why i'd like to do it,to see if this makes me more focused. you can do it.-yes? great. the base values.temperature 36.2. my heart rate is 83. since modafinil affects your cognitiveskills, we're going to do two tests.

first a baseline measurement,before you take it. and once the drug starts working,we'll do them again... to see if you do better.-yes. here you'll see a number of balls,and you have to type how many you see. three, two, one. no. six. five. eight. oh, seven.

four. eight. nine. it's going just fine. or not. 70% correct.-well... with an average time of 987milliseconds per keystroke. now the second test, the typing test.you'll see a word... and you have to type it in.-as fast as possible? okay.

wow.-i typed 460 signs correctly. and 97.15% of everything i typedwas correct. a normal dosage for narcoleptic patientsis 200 milligrams. we have pills of 100 milligrams,so i'll take two. but not at once. first i'll take one,and after two hours i'll take the other. well, cheers. that's one.-in two hours you'll take the other one. yes, perfect. i don't notice much yet.i still feel pretty sluggish.

so maybe...-this one will change that. modafinil decreases the amountof gamma hydroxybutyrate... a neurotransmitter that causes numbing... so you should soon be able to concentratebetter, have more energy and less sleep. rens, are you feeling anything yet?-i don't feel very much. i don't think you will if you just sit down.i think you'll notice it if you do something. let's start with the balls test.-great. focus, and then you can start. eight. oh.

three. seven. oh. 73% correct.and an average of 764. that's a little better.and especially in terms of speed. well done.-i did improve. though the difference isn't huge.-but you do see it. i was really focused now.and i actually quite enjoyed it this time. your temperature has gone up a lot.-yes. and my heart rate as well.

i do have a bit of a headache.that's a known side effect of modafinil. you don't take any other medicines?-no. never combine it with other medicines suchas the pill, antidepressants, blood thinners... nor with alcohol or drugs. i believe i'm a bit less cheerfulthan at the beginning. i'm not sure, but at the beginningi was pretty sociable... and i have the feeling that's a bit less. can you compare itwith coke, speed or caffeine? most with caffeine.yes, because i'm very awake...

but not euphoric at all.and also a bit restless. yes, if you take too much of this drug youcan get restless, overexcited, disoriented... confused, high heart rate, high bloodpressure, diarrhoea, sleeplessness. a lot of things. so watch out. let's go on to the next test.-the typing test. yes.-okay, here we go. 98.5% of everything i typed,was correct. and i even hesitated for a moment.so this is a real improvement. i was watching, and you werereally fast. i couldn't keep up.

i realised i was going very fast. i almostwant to do it again and even better. do you think this drug is addictive?-i can imagine... that it may be useful for exams,because you're able to concentrate better. but it may be that if with the next examyou don't take it, you'll get a cold shower... and think you can't perform anymorewithout it. yes, so that's what's dangerous about it. we just tested your speed.we'll now test your intelligence and focus. so i have a fun puzzle here.-well, fun... a sudoku. i hope you know how to do it.-i don't like these at all.

this is going to take so long.-just do it. just concentrate. if you start here, you can't know yet,because i've checked every number... you're getting angry, aren't you?-i'm not getting angry, i just don't like it. it takes too long, i don't enjoy it. maybe if you do something you likeyou can really focus. but i don't like this.i find it really boring. i'm not good at it, but i don't care.-it really is very boring. shall we just go to the pub?-yes, away with it. there. i can tell from your face. you look angry.and you were going like this.

this isn't angry, is it?-no, but i can just tell. normally you're cheerfuland in for everything. i also notice that i'm not as cheerfulas i was before taking it. so you'd never take it to go to a party.-no, absolutely not. maybe if i have to spend the whole dayon something i really have to focus on. but why would you ever take thisbefore going to a party? i can also tell from the way you look.to a party? 'oh no, no.' you just look angry. yes.-no. yes.-i'm not angry.

you didn't want to do the sudoku.but those balls and the typing test... you really concentrated on.-because i enjoyed those. yes, and there are pilots, marines,soldiers who take this drug... to focus on their work.-and to stay awake. there even was an experimentin which pilots and military personnel... stayed awake for three days in a row. talking about staying awake,this drug lasts 8 to 10 hours. i wonder if you'll be able to sleepand how you'll feel tomorrow. i just came home. i hung outwith bastiaan after the taping...

as i didn't know how to fill my time.i was really not inclined to do anything. fortunately i'm starting to get tired now,so i think it's stopped working.


i'm just going to hit the sackand i wonder if i'll be able to sleep well. fortunately i slept well.nothing's bothering me now. maybe it helps if you have to concentratefor a long time on an exam... but i didn't really enjoy it much.see you next week.

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