swollen labia

the vulva and vagina are incredibly importantparts of our body. and if you thought we knew little about them normally, we know even lessduring pregnancy. i'm dr. logan levkoff, and here is what's going on with your vulva andvagina during pregnancy. if you didn't know the difference, all of the parts that yousee between your legs, the labia, clitoris, mons pubis, and urethral opening are all partof the vulva. the vagina is inside of your

swollen labia, body, and let me just say, it is not calleda vagigi. ugh, i hate that word. but regardless of the term you use, women do get vasocongestionduring pregnancy. we get it when we're aroused, too. that means there's greater blood flowpulling in your genitals. it can make you supersensitive and more aroused than before.add to that, the extra vaginal lubrication

you're producing due to more estrogen, andyou can be highly aroused, or not. you never

swollen labia

really know. but the vagina is an amazingplace. it can stretch. it can carry out a baby. it can bounce back for sex again andyou can exercise it just by doing some kegel's. so you better take good care of it. and dome a favor, please start calling the vulva and vagina by their right name. we reallydo owe it to them.

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