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how to have sexual intercourse

hey whatâ,christina€™s going on? it’strip from trip i’m going to be walking up here in just a second to my frChristinaand stephanie, also known as t&a from the “t&a talk sex”podcast. we’re going to be hanging out and you’regoing to be learning some really cool sex

how to have sexual intercourse, tips. they have figured out three of their verybest sex tips that every guy should know. we’ll be talking about that and checkingout their place so come with me. back against the board, you know what i’msaying?

sitting up. me in the middle, two on the sides and theni can even advertise the fact that i’m on your channel as well also in bed. you know what i mean? yeah, something like that. do you play the piano? i'm learning. failure is ok. it's ok to fail. nice.

the important take away is if you don’tpractice you won’t be as good at it. you gotta practice piano, you gotta practicewith women, everything takes practice. we're going to use a t…

bump on anus

welcome back guys to another episode, we are out here in the middle of fucking nowhere - in israel we're back in israel against my will hila says
bump on anus, - not true. - we need to go visit my family. i'm like, hila you know how i feel about that place. i only go there for the shawarma.
hila - ethan loves it. (music) just because we're out here visiting the fam, doesn't mean we ain't got time to meme. *knuckle bump x2* and we're gonna be talking about it. and today, we got some juice on deck. this one's gonna surprise you. i feel like this one actually is gonna surprise you.
so this one is called "butt baby syringe" and i don't know about you guys, but when i'm thinking of something cute and cuddly and friendly, nothing invokes those warm, cuddly feelings like a syringe. hila- yeah, a "butt baby syringe" *sarcastic happy sound* i feel great just saying it. *deciding what to say*
i wanna get in bed with some syringes. *hila gi…

big vulva

welcome to health care at home today i will tell you how you can tight your vagina. first of all the main reason for loosen vagina is motherhood there is rapid expansion of vaginal or uterine wall during labour pain. due to this it becomes loose
big vulva, so how to tight it. although its also observe that too much of sex also makes vagina loose. since few women has habits of masturbation with this also their vagina become loose. but how you can tight it back . for this i am telling you a very easy and quick remedy. take almost 8-10 betel leaves , easily available in the market.
manually crush them & boil them into 1/2 litre of water. post boiling strain it and once its luke warm then either put cotton ball or tampon dip in it. let it dip nicely and then insert either cotton ball or tampon into your vagina. after this lay down for 15 mins on your back support & then remove it. do this remedy for 7 days & you will observe that your vagina is completely tight again. one m…


and yeah you a sorority girl just in case you accidently wander into a voting booth one day there's some things you should know. one of them is, there is absolutely no evidence to support the
bactroban, statement that were the greatest country in the world. we're seventh in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 40th in life expectancy. 178 an infant mortality, third
median household income, number for labor force, and number four in exports. we lead the world in only three categories: number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real, and defense spending where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined 25 home her allies no no this is the fault of a 20 year old college student you
nonetheless are without a member of the worst period generation period ever periods when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world i don't know what though you're talking about many people really do feel like america is not great…

am i fat

hey, it's fluffy! i got a phone call from my agent he'slike gabe, check it out... chp, california highway patrol, wants tohire you to do a show oh really? what does it pay?
am i fat, they want youto donate your time i think i'm busy... they told me to let you know you have awarrant in the city of fresno, california
i'm like ooooh, they're good so i did the show, and i'm going to tellyou guys right now... i'm gonna tell you guys right now it was one of thescariest shows i ever did... a room full of nothing but cops everybody's drinking... a lot and i'm scared because if they get ghetto... who do i call?
you know? i gotta go out in a parkinglot and find some gang member aye, back me up so the show went good it went so goodthat they asked me to do another show in california, in san diego for thecalifornia highway patrol border division and i try to make up an excusethat my car wasn't working right they said no worries, we understand...
they sent a …