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what i'm working on now is how to book a car,or how to get a car rental for the least amount of money as possible as rental mobil area balikpapan. now, it depends on whatyou want to do. it depends on what, like if you're so use to driving a luxury car andyou just have to have a luxury car. or if you're going to be on budget. me, personally,i like budget, so that's what i'm going to talk about. i always, always, always, requestan economy size car. why? i know they're the

priceline car rental las vegas
smallest and probably the least attractive,but every time i go to the airport to get one they don't have anymore. so, guess what?i get a free upgrade, which is awesome, because i get to ride in a car that's, what, maybelike $40 a day and i've only paid $19 a day for it, which is great. so, when you lookfor your car rentals, a lot of places have

very, very, very great deals. even withoutgoing through a priceline or cheap tickets type of website. you can look on the websitesand see if they have any discounts. they normally have discounts on the weekdays or if you havelike a week trip and you want to do it for a whole week, they have discounts that, go ahead and when you do your research, even commercials will tell you who's havinggood deals for rental cars. but look online and see what you can find. again, don't bookanything until you've tried different areas. you're going to look online, you're goingto look at like a discount ticket price setting like priceline and you're going to also callthe places and see what they have to offer. tell them what you're a member of - aaa isthe best membership in the world, because

you discount everywhere. if you're a nurse,like i am, sometimes they offer different discounts for different professions. so checkon that also. and when you get to your city,

priceline car rental las vegas,you'll be cool to have a car. and if you doget the economy car, you know what? it's not a big deal, because you're in a differentcity, you're going to have a great time and you're saving money, which is the very, very,very most important thing. one of the most important things. so we'll talk about morein the next one.

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hi, i am mike scarlett of scarlett customhomes and if you’ve been thinking about building a home that has less of an impacton the environment or if you have been thinking about building a home that cuts back on yourenergy bills, either way i can help you. when we design a energy efficient home foryou, there are several factors that we are going to take into account. one is going tobe the placement of your home in orientation

car hire southport uk

with the sun. also the window size, the windowplacement and how we are going to design your roof. when considering heat and air-conditioningsystems, we can install a variable speed high seer energy efficient system all the way upto a hi-tech geothermal system, whether it

be vertical or horizontal loop. we are experienced with solar panels, we canput them on your roof, install them so that they are discrete and still function and giveyou all the energy that you need. another product that is popular these daysis solar hot water heaters. we can place a solar panel up on your roof and a tank downin your home which allows you to take advantage of the warmth from the sun rays. something that i can do for your custom homeis to plan for the future. i can add space to your electrical panel, run some extra condoto it and this allows you to add electrical solar panels in the future.

when we complete building your custom home,we’ll go back into a blower door test. this allows us to make sure that your home is airtight and doesn’t have excess of leaks. the next thing we will do is go through theattic and rest of the home with an infrared

car hire southport uk,camera. this is another step that allows usto make sure that your home is energy efficient. make sure you look into the tax credits thatare also available with some of the items that we are talking about. i am mike scarlett of scarlett custom homes.let me build your home. call me.

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will be held accountable for otto warmbier. why even test it. thank you very much for that.

car hire sacramento

if your rent is soaring in stockton, you are not alone. rents have grown faster in stockton this year than in any

other city in the country. what is behind this increase? cbs 13's steve large is getting answers. reporter: paying rent in stockton isn't what it used it be. two years after city hall filed for bankruptcy this new report

is a sign of a economic rebound and a sign of concern. she is a recent retiree and a new stockton renter. just looking for rental was shocking. reporter: she worked for the county, she has a pension but rents are rising so fast she

may decide to move out. i couldn't believe the cost. reporter: stockton has the fastest rising rents in the country in the past year. 10.6%. topped colorado springs. puff low. reno and sacramento.

modesto finished 9th. putting stockton, sacramento and modesto all in the top 10 of u.s. cities with the fastest rising rents. a sign that the pressures aren't just local but they are really more regional and connected to the larger

economy. reporter: he says stockton's number one ranking is a sign the city is rebounding from bankruptcy and bay area's rents are impacting valley community wheres developers are not building enough rental units. it does show growth and

recovery, negative side, it is a problem to have high cost housing in a community that isn't high income. reporter: the homeless advocates say rising rents are putting more people on the streets. the rise in rent is putting her

retirement in california a risk. it is amazing, frightening, sad.

car hire sacramento,born and raised in california and i can't afford to live here. reporter: he expects rents

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new at six. the providence police department is getting more diverse. today they showed

car hire providence

off their newest recruits... which make-up the most diverse police

academy they've ever had. eyewitness news reporter steph machado explains how they recruited these men and women. providence police made it their goal to

recruit more people of color and women to apply to work for the department that currently is made up of majority white men. these 60 recruits beat out the competiton to train to be providence

police officers. they are women, men....white, asian, black and hispanic.... mayor jorge elorza/d- providence: 70% of this academy will be minorities and women. that is a tremendous accomplishment.

it's the most diverse recruit class in the history of the department... which is currently made up of three- quarters white officer and one- quarter minorites...

police recognized that needed to change....col hugh clements explained how they did it. col hugh clements:. we've struggled, law enforcement in general in those specific demographics....we've used

the community in every way possible. to reach out to the community in midnight basketball, rec centers, hair salons... the naacp's jim vincent praised the efforts. jim vincent/providence naacp: diversity matters. i

don't think anybody's going to dispute that a police department is better off when it reflects the diversity of the community. i think we all accept that. so let it be said that providence is a model for diversity in terms of police recruitment.

the new class will

car hire providence,graduate from the police academy in august. steph machado,

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about the escape. authorities believe the tunnel was under construction for about a year. and now to cbs4 news exclusive,

car hire pittsburgh

we take you inside the brand new terminal at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport.

cbs4 ted scouten gives us a tour tour. we've seen the construction for 2 years now part of the initial phase is about to open. this is your 1st look inside and it's quite a change from what travelers are used to. oh my goodness.

oh, wow. oh, this looks great. isabel got a look. it's a little phony this there. it will brighten things up and ready for nice trip. two gates opened tuesday and they'll all be put to use as

they become available. it's bright, it's colorful. we have completely new feel and look for the international and some domestic arrivals and departures. along with the new gates eventually new customs facilities.

passengers will connect to a larger customs area using elevated walkways. wait times should be cut for international airlines like from brazil that could mean expansion. we think that when this terminal is complete, that we

may be able to add some additional service here in the market. there will also be a post security connector bridge to terminal 3 for more convenient connections. and this wall. space is increasing to

35,000 square feet. he'll have fannistic food options here. and as construction on the western bank continues. they're already clearing space on the other side it will be a mirror image here but the whole thing is complete, it will be a

new 14 gate terminal replacing the existing out dated terminal 4. this phase of construction in terminal 4 should be done by

car hire pittsburgh,the end-of-the year as to the whole thing they're expecting completion sometimes in the middle of 2018.

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the fdl found no evidence of the the intention. tonight a cbs4 exclusive the evidence against the teenager charged with stealing

car hire palm springs

a car from an airbnb rental home. police suspect the scene does teen -- team tried to prevent

the crash. reporter: prosecutors to released several dvds today of evidence showing crime scene photos facebook that he is and interviews with witnesses friends even the teenage girls who said they were in the car when the deadly crash

happened. this facebook video shows the party lifestyle he was living in the days leading up to a deadly crash. the video shows him drinking smoking and having a good time. this is him now locked up in jail. his friends say he stole the

bmw which he later crashed last september. they rendered the home -- rented the home to celebrate a birthday. someone from the -- had the keys and the team in the car and told police what happened. i was looking at the road.

she said the car ran off the road and flipped over. the girl told police his reaction was to jump a fence and archer to run away. -- urge her to run away. on a 911 call you can hear the voice. don't call the cops.

seconds later hold got away and police say he used a stranger's cell phone to call for cab. a friend who was at the party said hold urged her and others to believe the crash on another person. people are coming up to me and asking me questions.

he said to switch up the story. the night of the crash he wound up at the home of another friend and he said he admitted to what happened. he was crying and he said he didn't mean to. he said he didn't know he had somebody.

reporter: there were questions about why the keys were left in the bmw, the owner of the home and the car told police after the crash he left

car hire palm springs,the keys in the vehicle to someone was supposed to pick it up. gregory hold is being held in

car hire orlando mco airport

thly right now. wesh 2's michelle meredith joins us live as families catch a ride out of town.

car hire orlando mco airport

michelle: you know, it has not been that crowded today, but tomorrow, christmas eve, will be a different story.

♪ michelle: at orlando international airportm you hear christmas tunes, feel the christmas spirit, and see the christmas travel shuffle. the hill family is flying out of oia to spend christmas in europe.

>> hopefully leave on time. no delays right? michelle: you'll find out. >> we'll see. [laughter] michelle: the hatterman's are headed back to utah after a cruise in the bahamas. dad was guarding what looked

like a rolling luggage store you know what they say, travel light, packed light. what happened? >> we went from snow country to beach country, so you have to pack a little bit of everything. michelle: the airport is a mixture of everything, grownups

getting their picture taken with snow white -- >> it's magical. i want to come back. and i want to live here. michelle: on a scale from one to 10, how exciting is it to see family? >> i'd say it's an 11, 10 plus.

michelle: and people getting hugs, getting love.

car hire orlando mco airport,michelle: because they are dissipating crowds, everything will take longer and longer, to park, to get through security,

priceline car rental las vegas

what i'm working on now is how to book a car,or how to get a car rental for the least amount of money as possible as rental mobil are...