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welcomethis is toree here with woodland fluid power, and texasfinaldrive.com. here at our facility we stock a wide rangeof new final drive motors. today we are featuring an eaton planetaryhydraulic final drive motor. this drive features a higher mechanical andvolumetric efficiency, which helps reduce

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power loss. an improved compact design for higher startup, torque, and high power density gives it better overall efficiency. the drives optimum design ensures smooth startand stop.

you can auto-shift from high-speed low torqueto low-speed high torque at high travelling resistance. also, this eaton motor features high performanceand reliability. there are thousands of these operating inthe field. this planetary motor is perfect for the kubotakx080-3 and comes with a 2 year warranty.

unlimited mileage car hire uk,if the tracks on your excavator are lockedup, you are getting low power, or maybe your drive is leaking, you might be in need ofa new final drive motor for your excavator, please contact us a texasfinaldrive.com. thank you.

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if you're wondering what kind of servicescebu rent a car provides? here are some other services we provide. we provide wedding carservice, cebu rent a car has a full range of wedding cars that suits various weddingtransport budgets. we also give sightseeing service, cebu rent a car offers a servicefor those individuals and corporate clients who has plans on traveling or just sightseeingwith the standards of having a safety and

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comfortable travel. we also offer personaltours, this services are intended for those

monthly car hire uk,individuals with plans of school outings,family reunion, company tours and etc. lastly, we have airport or pier transfer service,cebu rent a car gives this services of those individuals who wants a safety and comfortabletravel going to there designated flights or

shipboard. so, if you need one of those servicesjust give us a call!

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welcome to the u.s. virgin islands, a boater's paradise. my name is k'lon and i am from the virgin islands. and i'm corinne, one of the park rangers here. your national park is a rich anddelicate ecosystem, both on land and at sea. this is what makes your national park awesome! today, there are over 400sites throughout the country that are protected by the national park service. two of the sites are located hereon st. john.

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they are virgin islands national park, and virgin islands coral reef national monument. both of these sites are nationally significant. they were created for you, to enjoy, to explore, to have adventures, and to learn about these special ecosytems. they are protected for future generations to enjoy. when you are out there exploring and having fun, you have to keep youreyes open.

always be scanning the surface of the water and looking ahead for navigational markers. remember, the things you need to look out for may be the hardest to see. coral reefs are endangered. they take centuries to grow and are a vital part of our planet's ecosystem. they can also endanger a person and destroy a boat. so be careful, when in doubt, go further out. there are different color mooring balls and the color white is for recreational boaters. picking up a mooring can take a little practice. so go slow, and look pro. always attach your mooring line to the bow, not the stern. stern mooring is not allowed in the national park. just because there is a mooring ball, doesn't mean it is safe to swim. there might be a dangerous current. just because you do not see a mooring ball doesn't mean you can anchor. anchoring is only allowed in three designated spots in the national park. cruz bay, lind point and francis bay.

be sure to stop by the national park visitors center for more information. you can pay to stay overnight on a mooring at the visitor center or at one of our mooring pay stations on the water. when you see our rangers on the water, be sure to say hello.

kayak car rental las vegas,and if you see trash, or marine debris, please pick it up because this keeps our waters clean. whether you visit us here at the visitors center or pick up one of our maps or brochures, we have all the resources you need to have a safe and enjoyable visit. we even have an interactive google map online that will help you enjoy your visit to your national park. remember, it takes all of us to protect our coral reefs!

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hi, i'm graham from inca chartered accountants.our limited company owners' ask us a lot about vehicles and their business. so this videoi'm going to tell you whether it is beneficial to put a car through a company you own. the simple answer is -- it's probably not.it's down to the private use element, because any private use you have whether its 1 mileor 10,000 miles is going to incur a tax charge.

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and that tax charge is going to be based uponthe value of the vehicle and its emissions. and it can be quite expensive. not only areyou going to pay tax but in addition to that the company is going to pay national insurancecharge which is nearly 15% of the value of the benefit. now usually we can get you themoney in a much more tax efficient way. there

are circumstances where you can put a vehiclethrough and it is efficient, based largely upon the emissions. there are certain typesof vehicles with very low emissions that can be extremely beneficial running through abusiness. talk to your accountant about the specific one you have in mind. another one that is interesting is vans. pickupsare actually classified as commercial vehicles and taxed accordingly. that means you canget full vat relief on them. as well as having only a certain amount of tax to pay whichis usually a lot less than the running cost on a vehicle. so if you don't put the vehiclethrough what do you do? we'll you can claim

hire purchase cars uk,a mileage rate. business miles is currently45 pence per mile and if a member of the team

goes with you, you can have an extra 5p ontop of that. but that has to cover all the costs of running it. hope this has been useful.if you would like any more tax tips give us a call.

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followed for months on the solar power industry. according to the louisiana contractors board - sader power still does not have a

fox rent a car las vegas nv

license to operate in the state. the company says it's still doing business here but what investigative reporter

travers mackel found is raising new questions. he's live at six with this i-team update. according to sader's website the company has installed more than 2000 solar arrays ... the owner admitted in march that

may of those were done so without the company having a proper license. tonight, more complaints from the better business bureau and you may be surprised what we found when we went looking for answers. on cehf menteur highway in new

orleans east ... this is the building sader power operates out of ... when we went by it was shut down. no cars in the parking lot... no signs out front ... and from what we could tell, no workers inside. we left a message after finding a phone number on

sader's website ... a representative called us back and told us staffers are at this facility in "intervals". he then referred us to company owner jon sader. he told us quote: "yes, we are still operating in louisiana, as always, and as you did,

customers can reach us via our telephone or internet." in february the wdsu i-team first reported how sader power was facing a federal lawsuit, was not a licensed with the state contractor's board and had an "f" rating with the local

better business bureau. the head of the bbb tells us sader still has an "f" rating and 60 complaints have been filed against the company. the contractors board faced fined jon sader in march after he admitted his company was not properly licensed and

ordered him to obtain a licence prior to taking on any new customers. the contractor's board website still does not list sader as a licensed contractor. as for the building on chef highway, we talked to the companyy that owns the property and they tell

us sader power is still leasing the facility but is late on it's rent payments. in march sader power paid a $7000 fine to the state for operating without a license. the federal lawsuit

fox rent a car las vegas nv,filed is still pending in federal court.

coming up on w-d-s-u news at six... a new way to promote

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life tends to be more fun with the setof wheels literally one from them you led the effort hospital tickets inhand he bought the plane to board another plane you reach your destination directly towards a current accompaniedby simply following the signs of the

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airport now through curator saidyourself the headache which means you can skip the line and hit record storescarry chose now the cool thing is you can pick between which making molewithin a scary drive do you feel like driving a jeep dodge the choices are thekeys in the ignition and the car is

ready now gps it is ordered one and head down thehighway

enterprise car rental reviews uk,final word of advice remember to choosea college kid your knee and you're driving down the highway american sports car or perhaps citymileage and enjoy the extra legroom the prius here could be a bother enjoy theroad drive safe and remember that all

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hello everyone! this is ann zieve with thenorthern utah home team and keller williams success realty here to give you my weeklymarket update, and this week i have some great tips for you about internet searching forhomes, but first let's look at some market statistics, and then we'll look at some newhomes on the market, so let's get going. so here's our chart of weekly market statisticsthat we keep for you and right now we're at

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the beginning to middle of august, and whati like to do is compare it to where we were about a year ago back in october, so about10 months ago. you can see how the number of new listings has increased. those sellershave a lot of confidence in this market so new homes are jumping on the market. buyersare still buying. they still have confidence

in the market, and so the price has been creepingup. also, the number of days on market is down. it's a little bit more competitive outthere. so let's take a look at some internet searching techniques because that's how alot of people find out about the market. so here i am on zillow. i am sure a lot ofyou are familiar with zillow. it's the number one real estate search engine, but i bet youdidn't know this. if you go down to the bottom of zillow and check on, click on zestimates,it takes you to this nice, little chart and tells you about how accurate the zillow estimatesare, and you can see for utah you only get a one star, and if you look down here to whatone star means, it means that it's based on tax assessors value or they are unable tocompute the accuracy of their data. that's

because utah is a non-disclosure state. sellersare not required to report to any public agency what they sold a house for, so zillow hasno clue, so when you're searching for values on zillow just be aware that they are reallyguesstimates, not any kind of real life estimates. let me show you an example.now, what is the real value of a home? the real value of a home is when a buyer and aseller agrees it is. so here's a home that we recently sold that i put into zillow andit estimates the value to be $332,000. i can tell you the home did not sell for that much,so that is not really the value of that home. well, let's look at one more. here's anotherhome that we sold recently that the zestimate is $144,000 and i can tell you that home soldfor more, so again, zillow is not right on

the mark there, so the best way to find outthe value of a home whether you are looking to buy or sell is to talk to a realtor. wehave access to the mls data which is accurate because sellers do agree to report sold pricesthere. we can give you a great value on a home you want to sell or that you want tobuy. well let's look at some homes that are forsale right now. this first home is listed for $150,000. it's located in the popularmeadowbrook neighborhood which is north of 12th street in ogden. it's four bedrooms,two baths, and the neighborhood has four parks, so there is no houses behind this home becauseit's one of the parks that's behind it. you can sit on your deck and enjoy the great view.you can see the home has been recently redone,

new paint, new carpet, and it's in great condition.here's another new home that's available. this is actually a townhome listed for $205,000.it's three bedrooms and three baths. it also has a two-car garage. it's about $1,500 squarefeet, and it's located right by the ogden canyon on the ogden side, so it makes a greatsecond home or a ski rental place for people who want to come out and ski and maybe justbe here part-time, so that's available.

dollar car rental las vegas reviews,so that wraps up this week's market update.remember that we are here to help you if you're looking to buy a home, sell a home, or investin real estate. we're just a phone call, text, or email away, and we're here to give youvalues on any homes you're looking to buy or sell. so until next week, keep buying andselling that real estate. bye, bye!

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welcomethis is toree here with woodland fluid power, and texasfinaldrive.com. here at our facility we stock a wide rangeof new final drive ...