female squirt

so you literally get cum like from the wind? nyeah. have you ever squirted before? hm.... eh... uh. yeah i think.

female squirt, not gonna lie, i have. no i haven't. okay. - i've heard about it. yes, i have.

*giggles* what's so funny? it's funny because i don't know! how did someone get you to squirt? having a long session. and then it just kinda happens, like "pshhh" when you're going so hard and it just... happens. there's some great fluctuations in the grand canyon causing lots of water to erupt. everyone woman's different, every dick's different too, cause it's like

it's hitting a certain spot, that makes you... yeah, some, you've got the curve up and then some you've got like the curve to the side. are you like an upward kind of girl or sideways kinda girl? i like to do it all over the damn place. it was just one point, where he hit a spot and then i just squirted. what is that spot? let's just say that this is the opening. that's really big..

well this, it's for the camera. okay, so this is my vagina. that's totally big. i don't know. probably just like... right here and going in deep. oh so it's like a deep way. it's not necessary like somewhere around... yeah.

my legs are like right here, but like woop you know i'm not that flexible! wait, so you're laying down and he's right on top. so this is just missionary? yeah, missionary, but your legs are up. when you squirt is it a more intense orgasm

than if you don't? you just orgasm. so that's just ice-cream. but if you orgasm with squirting, it's like ice-cream... with hot fudge... maybe a banana or some fruit with whipped cream and a cherry. and sprinkles. i like sprinkles. i think it's perfect. [it] was 4th of july, but it was

wait it was more because i had daddy issues involved you know when you play mortal kombat and you like get your bar up and you can do all those crazy combat you know, combo moves? you're a little bit worried that you peed yourself. yeah, and so that's kind of- and so it's like "shit i just peed myself." but then it's obviously not pee, so...

i have no idea what it is. just like liquid that the woman produces in their body. it doesn't have a scent of piss, and it's not yellow. where you pee and where you cum, it's completely different holes. it's not coming out of the peehole, right? yeah so, is it pee or is it not? it can not be. the peehole is always just for pee. but your bladder produces something else

that's like mostly sugar and some other type of fluid. but if it's mostly sugar, is it sweet? i don't know, i haven't tasted it. have you? i have not, unfortunately. but if there's anybody that wants to volunteer, i'm open. what's the secret to making a girl orgasm? just go... fast and hard. that's my advice. that's like something vin diesel would say. i know for a fact that the orgasm doesn't come from a physical touch

because i came in my dreams plenty of times and i'm not touching myself. bite her neck, smack her ass. that's what i'm into. explore her body and enjoy what's in front of you like a nice grand steak and lobster dinner. it's the ratio of penis and vagina you can have too much penis, or too little penis. it has to be the right amount. i think some guys have "big dick problems". it's a thing. go on the internet, take your boyfriend

type on pornhub. that's like asking bill gates "do you have money problems". obviously he doesn't. i don't have dick problems. i don't have dick proble- i don't have dick problems! maybe you just haven't realized it yet. what's up guys? do you love it when girls touch your chest? i know i sure do. that's why i love wearing these gold foil shirts. i'm not even joking.

girls can not resist touching this. every party i go to, they're always like "oh, what shirt is this, that feels good. omg" and i'm just like, "yo, we can do that naked." in addition to that, what you wear should be an expression of who you are. and that's why we created these four shirts, so that you guys can wear it, have girls touch your chest, and also show people who you are, and what you like.

female squirt

so if you like any of these shirts i have up there on the screen feel free to click on the link in the description.

it's only gonna be around for the next ten days, so make sure if you want one... get it now.

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