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welcome to the u.s. virgin islands, a boater's paradise. my name is k'lon and i am from the virgin islands. and i'm corinne, one of the park rangers here. your national park is a rich anddelicate ecosystem, both on land and at sea. this is what makes your national park awesome! today, there are over 400sites throughout the country that are protected by the national park service. two of the sites are located hereon st. john.

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they are virgin islands national park, and virgin islands coral reef national monument. both of these sites are nationally significant. they were created for you, to enjoy, to explore, to have adventures, and to learn about these special ecosytems. they are protected for future generations to enjoy. when you are out there exploring and having fun, you have to keep youreyes open.

always be scanning the surface of the water and looking ahead for navigational markers. remember, the things you need to look out for may be the hardest to see. coral reefs are endangered. they take centuries to grow and are a vital part of our planet's ecosystem. they can also endanger a person and destroy a boat. so be careful, when in doubt, go further out. there are different color mooring balls and the color white is for recreational boaters. picking up a mooring can take a little practice. so go slow, and look pro. always attach your mooring line to the bow, not the stern. stern mooring is not allowed in the national park. just because there is a mooring ball, doesn't mean it is safe to swim. there might be a dangerous current. just because you do not see a mooring ball doesn't mean you can anchor. anchoring is only allowed in three designated spots in the national park. cruz bay, lind point and francis bay.

be sure to stop by the national park visitors center for more information. you can pay to stay overnight on a mooring at the visitor center or at one of our mooring pay stations on the water. when you see our rangers on the water, be sure to say hello.

kayak car rental las vegas,and if you see trash, or marine debris, please pick it up because this keeps our waters clean. whether you visit us here at the visitors center or pick up one of our maps or brochures, we have all the resources you need to have a safe and enjoyable visit. we even have an interactive google map online that will help you enjoy your visit to your national park. remember, it takes all of us to protect our coral reefs!

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