you can not believe, but this placein your belly button will heal your flu, and cough menstrual cramps many may say that is a lie, nonsenseand who do not believe it, but the truth it is that those who believed did verygood! nowadays people are so farnatural remedies that doubt receitinhas

ponstan, simple used in the times of our grandparents. and lamentavelvemente, many of these recipesthe grannies were forgotten. but one of the tasks for nature cureit is to rescue these recipes for the new generations their knowledge and benefit them.

we did it to "resurrect" a methodmuch used by grandmas in the past. it is super easy and requires nospecial effort. it is a completely harmless treatment. and in the past, it was often used to fight flu, cough, muscle pain and menstrual cramps. you will only need cotton and alcohol. nothing more than that. and all you have to do is wetthis piece of cotton with alcohol and put on your navel. then secure it with a bandage or cover it with a cloth. it is only important that swabalcohol is firm on her navel by

time required you feelrelief of symptoms. in the case of menstruation pain, goodlie down for a few minutes while leaving action. and if your problem is bellyache (whichis not a symptom of any serious illness, as appendicitis), this method can also be useful. but in this case there must be a smallchange in revenue: you have to put


a little salt in cotton, which must bewet with alcohol. it's really very simple, is not it? and as i said, without the risk of causing effectsunpleasant, as some medications

we consume without prescription,like many influenza.

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