heavy petting

listen to me. tell victoria that i'm havinghere cat declawed. why are you calling me? well, i was told you could do a little workfor me? claws are $2,000: $1,000 up front, a $1,000 on the backend. hey, randee brando,actor. well, i think new foods, to avoid any embarrassment, they had ol' bunkers here signover her guardianship to me. jeez, mary, you nicked me! bad snake! go to your time outbag. i guess safari steve, in one of his daydreams,

heavy petting, thought up a time out bag when he was playingaround with his snake. are you feeling tired? do you need a break but don't have couch handy?then try the time out bag. thank you for joining us, safari steve. now, you have made a wonderfuldevice. can you explain how the time out bag works? well, you just get into the bag. whoa,whoa, whoa-- slow down, safari steve. not

everybody is an expert like you. let me breakit down for our viewers. first, grab the bag. and make sure you use your hands, and yougrab the bag here at the top. then you open the bag. then you step into the bag. and thenyou sit down. that is how the time out bag works. now, safari steve, i have a question:would the time out bag be good for children? absolutely, they're easy to get into the bag,because they're small. well, let's put it to the test. come here, dear. hi, baby-poo.hello. wheee!. oh, whoa, whoa. yeah, sounds like there's snakes already in there. it'sokay, snakes love children. it'll be like a play date. okay, then. wheeee, little baby!sounds like they're having a great time out in there. if you order the time out bag inthe next 10 minutes, we'll throw in this handy

tie-off rubber band. hey, safari steve, thanksagain for helping out today. thank you, i had so much fun. oh, yeah! yeah! being outin front of a live crowd and selling is such a rush. oh, for sure. yeah, there's nothinglike it. would you like to go out for coffee sometime? oh, no. here you go. i don't really…so… yeah… i'm a virgo. i love spending time out in nature. my mother's an alcoholic.and i have gout. wow. hey, we should go out again sometime. i'm free every day this week.free every day next week. oh, shoot, you know what? i am busy every day this week, and iam busy…i am busy every day next week. really? uh huh. week after that? i'm busy. month?busy. tonight. 8 o'clock. cracker barrel. i'm free, okay. we will go to cracker barrel.okay. what's up, fellers. randee brando in

the hiz-ouse. sorry, i'm a little late formy fitting, but i was pounding my glutes, repeatedly. pounding them! if you know whati'm talkin' about. hey, guy, i know you. you encouraged me to feed some sugarcane to thatbaby panda, and the damn thing reached for my philip michael thomas. but i got a freetire rotation, so let's just call it a wash. i'd like to phone a friend, meredith. huh,gilbert grape, what's eatin' him? so listen, randee brandon, actor. we met before. youknow, i gotta say: as i student of, like, human behavior, i read human behavior-- ican pick up on vibes you may be givin' off and stuff like that, and i can tell rightnow that you are horny? no, are you jealous? you're angry. you're angry. what are you angryabout? you know what? i know how to soothe

that. right here, right now. bang. good. luck.in. the. arts. randee brando! here you go, bro. that'll get you in most closed doors.you're welcome. hey, good lookin' out, bunk. what-what! that's actually, kona, our director.kona's a direct… can you bare with me, just one quick second here…i'll just…pardonme. do you mind if i just have a moment of your time here? excuse me, i hope i'm notdisturbing you. randee brando, actor. i would just appreciate being considered for any upcomingprojects you might have. i was curious if perhaps… do you know what, randee? i thinkyour fitting is right through there, actually. oh, the fitting? yeah, yeah, i think it'sright through here. pardon me. okay, great-- yeah, because i'm doing this, like, multimilliondollar po-ta-to chip campaign with bunk, and

so i gotta get in there and hammer it. they'reprobably putting me in full suit moo moo, something like that. who knows, right? yeah.take it easy guy. you got it. you alright

heavy petting

there, safari? is this you? lee majors. mustbe you. it looks like you. you see me? because i see you. you see me, you know it's bad.i'm the guy they send to fix things. you see me, you wish you were dreamin', because i'ma livin' nightmare. you see, you scratched the wrong post, cat. now it's time to declawyou. permanently.

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