my name is allyssa, i'm 19, and i use the pill the thing i like most about the pill is that um with seasonique i only have my period once every three months so i only have it four times a year which is amazing since i'm always active and on the go and you know whenever i'm on my period and i just feel lazy and you know with the side effects and it just kind of hard to you know keep going with your life you know

microgynon, with school and sports and so when i only have it once every three months it's just so much easier and you know it doesn't effect as big a part of my life the first reason when i was you know 16 and um i wasn't sexually active yet but i wanted to get on it just to get it regulated and it was so it was all over the place

and i had it for one month and then i wouldn't have it for two months then i'd have it twice within you know a short amount of time so it was really nice to you know with planning and scheduling ok you know if there's something i need to do and you know i'm gonna feel kinda crappy on this day because this is the week that i'm on my period so it's really nice just to have that you know in that mind set it doesn't just surprise you one day well i remember when i first was worried about getting on it that i was going to gain weight that was the other thing about am i going to have side effects am i gonna gain weight so i was really happy that with seasonique i didn't gain anything

didn't have way more of an appetite so i was definitely surprised in a good way that it didn't effect that aspect i was pretty worried when i first got on the pill that oh this is a bad idea because i'm not gonna remember and then it's not gonna be effective you know if i don't take it but i just set a time every night that i know that i set ten o'clock at night nine or ten o'clock at night so by that time you know i'm gonna be home but i'm probably not gonna be in bed yet so i wanted to set it at a time that you know was pretty convenient and you know i wasn't going


to be out and about in the middle of the day so i've actually found it really easy once i you know just took it at that time every night that this kind of mental trigger goes off and so that was the one the biggest thing i was worried about that wasn't ever really a problem

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