crackling sound in ear

hello my dear my lovely my sweety i'm very very happy to see you again and today, i want to be very close to you

crackling sound in ear, i want to whisper into your ears from ear to ear very close and softly i hope you will enjoy it

and also i want i will do caressing your ear and whisper at the same time but it will be later now, i just want to talk to you about autumn i think autumn is the most cozy season this is a time for being at home lay on your favorite bed with favorite books

favorite hot tea and coffee with favorite movies or favorite asmr videos to listen to and this is the time to be more gentle to your close people to your friends, to your relatives and this is the time to remind the summer, and the most pleasant moment of the summer and i don't see any reason to be sad 'cause of autumn

'cause this is very very special time for relax this is very comfortable time to relax and today i want you to relax with me if you don't mind if you will let me to relax you to help you to relax and you, you're enjoying

all things what i do for your relaxation i'm very, very happy to be so much close to you i know we meet not so much often but, i'm very, very shy each time i meet with you i'm shy of my english please forgive me, my mistakes and accent but i do my best so

today i want you think about pleasant moments of the autumn for example it can be the rain sounds it's very cozy sounds i think or it can be the sounds of leaves in the park or forest and for example, meeting with your best friends

no reason to be sad of autumn this is the wonderful time especially for pleasant and relaxation don't you think so? i want you completely relaxed today and right now i want to use some autumn accessory this is, this from park and i think it sounds good

i want to crinkle with it to your left ear to your left ear and i will whisper to your right ear now you can imagine how you are walking in the park or forest and have a good time with your friends i'm trying to be very gentle and crinkle it very, very gentle i hope you enjoy it and now, i want to crinkle to your right ear

a lot of people like crinkle sounds and they think this is one of autumn sounds it sounds good okay and now, i want to make a pleasure for your ears i will caress your right ear and i will whisper to your left ear at the same time 'cause i know it can be very sensitive and i hope, you enjoy it

i hope it will help you to relax and sleep well i hope it will help you to warm up in your ears your ear is so soft, so gentle i like to touch it and now i want, a little squeeze your ear like that i hope you can feel it and i hope you enjoy it just try to relax and think about something, something pleasant

and now, i want to caress your left ear very gently. and i hope you will enjoy it take a deep breath and relax don't think about past incident in your life be positive this is the way for good mood and good life, be positive i think it's wonderful that today we can be together only you and me please forget any bad things in your life

and just try be with me, and relax now i want to squeeze your left ear very, very, very gently i hope you like it and now i want to tingle you just a little tingle your nose *clicking sounds* i want to say i'm very happy today to meet you again

i hope you will never leave me

crackling sound in ear

and i want to say thank you for join me to entertain and i hope today you had a pleasant pleasure thank you i love you

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