pain after sex

i need your advice regarding spotting afterintercourse while pregnant. for many women, the spotting a few days afteryou had sex is a sign you were pregnant. we’re well past that point. they call the second trimester the goldentrimester because you aren’t as tired or nauseous of the first trimester and the thirdtrimester hasn’t come with its exhaustion

pain after sex, and indigestion. i don’t see how that’s related to thechaos that you have at the first trimester. in the second trimester, the hormones thatboost blood flow to various tissues make you have more sexual desire -

and pregnancy rhinitis. and then after you have sex, you risk somespotting. i thought spotting was bad, like a sign ofa miscarriage. now if you have spotting and period type cramps,yes, you’re potentially at risk of a miscarriage and want to get medical attention. can they do anything about it? yes, if it is early on, and they can giveyou shots or put you on bed rest to stop the labor. if there is red bleeding, though, somethingis wrong.

blood of any sort is a red alert. if you have slight spotting after sex viathe back or going to the bathroom, it is possible you have hemorrhoids. we’re doing it the old fashioned way, andi’ve had enough fiber that i haven’t had hemorrhoids. when you’re pregnant, it can depress yourimmune system. that’s why pregnant women are more proneto catching a cold, though ironically they can’t take most of the cold medicines, either. if you’ve had a social disease, you’remore likely to have the lesions come back

and then have some bleeding from there. i have heard the joke that life is a sexuallytransmitted disease, but despite being pregnant, that’s the only variation i’m dealingwith. then we’re down to just normal wear andtear of tissues that are swollen because you are pregnant, and all the hormones boostingblood flow and increasing fluid flows is causing the bleeding. i’ve had more vaginal discharge. more white or creamy discharge is normal. can sex while pregnant trigger labor, causingbleeding?

yes having sex can trigger minor muscle contractionsin that area, especially if you really enjoyed it. however, it isn’t going to put you in labor. i’m sure my partner will appreciate knowingthat. rougher or more irritation as you try to goat different angles around that baby bump can irritate things. we’re not doing anything exotic, and therecertainly isn’t a need to use a condom that can dry out and irritate tissues enough tocause some bleeding. so now you’re down to all the extra fluidssloshing around causing the bleeding, though

adding lubricant can reduce the odds of that. is there ever a time i need to be worriedabout the discharge? you’ve had sex and still feel tension, pressureand pain in the pelvic area.

pain after sex

that can be a sign of early labor. pelvic pressure is a sign of early labor,as are muscle pains in the back and stomach. as is vaginal bleeding. that’s why i was asking in the first place.

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