i’m the one they call doctor feelgood. i’mgonna make you feel alright. by teaching you how to swallow pills. if you’re anything like my lovely and beautifuland talented wife, you probably have a very hard time putting medication into your bodybecause it’s borderline physically unbearable for you to swallow pills. it’s seriouslya 5 minute journey of frustration and sadness

panadol, even when my wife is ingesting something astiny as a tylenol. and she’s not alone. studies suggest 1 in 3 people experience difficultywhen tasked with swallowing oral medications in pill and capsule form, which ultimatelyleads to many people skipping out on vital doses of prescription medication because theysimply don’t want to expose themselves to

the literal pain of popping pills. that’snot good and that’s why researchers from the university of heidelberg, in germany,rounded up 143 patients and subjected them to some pill swallowing tests. they had themgulping down all sorts of shapes and sizes and they did so to try and identify the bestmethods for getting the good stuff down the gullet. and they found that there is a bestway to swallow capsules and a different best way to swallow tablets. and each method directlycorrelates with the density of the pills compared to water. so, let’s say you’re rockingsome pretty gnarly allergies and you need to down an anti-histamine capsule. with capsules,the research team discovered that the “lean-forward” technique is the most efficient and is 88%more effective than old-school methods. allow

me to demonstrate. you’ll need your drugs,i’m using a tic tac, and 20ml of water, which is somewheres around a tablespoon. yousimply place the capsule on your tongue, take a sip of water, don’t swallow yet, first,you lean forward by tilting your chin toward your chest, and then swallow. (do it) yum.because the density of a capsule tends to be lower than water, your head position keepsthe little bugger from swimming around in your mouth before it’s journey down to tumtum town. tablets tend to be more dense than water so a different technique is requiredto basically help shoot the dang things down your throat. it’s called the pop-bottlemethod. so lets say you get your daily vitamins like the rest of us and you’re tasked withswallowing a horse pill every single day.

you simply find a flexible pop-bottle likecontainer, fill it with water, pop the horse pill into your mouth, and then tightly wrapyour lips around the opening of your bottle like you’re giving it the good loving, andthen without letting air seep into the bottle, maintain firm lip-to-bottle contact and usea sucking motion to flush the tablet into your body. (do it) if you’re doing it right,you should feel the bottle slightly collapse into itself. now, both these methods weretested against simply taking a sip of water and swallowing, something that most peopledo i assume, and the patients pill-swallow rate greatly increased when utilizing thepop-bottle and lean forward techniques. so, if you’re one of the 1 in 3 plagued withan inability to swallow pills, give these


methods a shot. they just might cure whatails you. i’m dr. joe bereta and i just insulted all the doctors of the world by callingmyself a doctor. i’m sorry. hey, do you guys have any techniques that work for you,let us know in the comments down below and be sure to subscribe for more dnews.

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